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UPDATED 22/10/2015: Forum Posting Principles. PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'Other Sports Forum' started by 6TimesaRed, May 3, 2013.

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  1. 6TimesaRed

    6TimesaRed Not a Bot.... Administrator

    Sep 16, 2006
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    Right Behind You!!!
    We want everyone to enjoy their time on sixcrazyminutes so we employ a few forum principles here.

    It's a relaxed site with very little censorship. and we'd like that to continue. It's not about rules or policies it's simply about us aligning to the same principles.

    We ask when the moderators ask to tone it down or remove things that we feel are insulting or OTT then please respect our decisions.

    The general principles are to avoid unnessecarily doing the following:

    Attacking the poster, rather than the post.

    It's self explanatory.

    Making the natives restless

    This is a catch-all principle for general trolling, bitching and similar. Certain posters have an ability to piss off large quantities of regulars on here. If a moderator feels that said poster is doing this intentionally or is the cause of the mess, then the poster can and will be warned/banned. If this poster was being goaded by others, then they'll be the ones getting warned/banned.

    If there's an argument or spat going on between two posters it can become an issue as it takes over other threads over. Thread bans are a way we can easily put a stop to that.

    If you are banned from a thread it should be obvious why. Wherever time constraints make it possible we will tell you why.

    This bit is important. If you disagree with it, pm the mod or mods involved. Do NOT start a new thread or go unto another thread to continue it. That will merely exacerbate the issue, and further action will be taken.

    If you're banned from a thread it is the most obvious first warning you're ever gonna get to look at what you're doing & stop it effecting other people on the forum.

    After that we then have three ban lengths, 24 Hours, 1 week, 1 lifetime.

    The length of ban will depend fully on the circumstances and nature of the perceived breach of principle.

    Not Safe For Work Content (NSFW):

    We like to have a fairly relaxed moderation policy so NSFW content is allowed within the realms of normal humour and decency in the Members Chat Forum. If a thread is started that contains NSFW content the thread starter must put a NSFW tag in the thread title. If someone enters NSFW material into a thread that does not have such a tag in the thread title the poster of that material must inform the thread starter and the forum mods to ensure a tag is added.

    This is important as it can put people at risk if they are accessing the thread from work, when using their computer with younger family members or with anyone who may get offended by this.

    NSFW content is NOT allowed in the Football Forum or Other Sports Forum..

    Offensive and hardcore porn is also not allowed anywhere on Sixcrazyminutes. Offending items will be removed and the poster will be reprimanded or possibly banned.

    Please use your common sense when it comes to this - it's fairly obvious what's over the top or not. If anyone sees something that's highly offensive or pornographic please report the post.

    Forum & Posting Features

    We have many features such as tagging, etc that we think enhances the forum experience, as like many we are up for a bit of banter and a good old laugh, but please do not abuse them..

    Doing so will either result in you losing those features or receiving a temp ban..

    Keeping the Forum fresh

    Please help keep the forum alive by posting threads on news articles, discussions, etc that provoke interest & not bump older threads when a new thread would do.

    If you want a rule of thumb, if its not on the first two pages of the forum, then leave it be!!!!

    You have something interesting you want to share?... then post a new thread about it...
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2015
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