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Why are Liverpool goalkeepers wearing goggles in Arne Slot’s training sessions?​

Why are Liverpool goalkeepers wearing goggles in Arne Slot’s training sessions?

By Mark Carey
Jul 19, 2024

With Liverpool’s pre-season underway, eagle-eyed fans have been hunting for clues on how the team might shape up in the Arne Slot era.

Last week, the club’s YouTube channel released a short video of players returning to training, and one particular moment that caught the attention was during Liverpool’s goalkeeper drills, with new goalkeeping coach Fabian Otte asking 21-year-old Marcelo Pitaluga to wear a pair of American-designed Swivel Vision training goggles, which limit peripheral vision and force individuals into more visual tracking or use of audio cues.

As shown in the video, Otte was keen to encourage his players to “find angles” and “keep scanning” during their passing session, with noise-cancelling headphones also used as a method to manipulate sensory information — inhibiting audio cues and enhancing visual concentration.

How is this approach useful for goalkeepers? Well, the training goggles are designed to improve players’ reactions, hand-eye coordination and technical skills by restricting the amount of sensory input they receive during a specific session. At its core, the idea is that the greater the challenge is in training, the easier such actions should be to reproduce on a matchday.

“Throughout our training sessions, I’ve seen these goggles help goalkeepers improve their reaction times and develop superior mechanics, which are critical for their performance,” said Mostafa Dida, who is a goalkeeper coach at Egyptian Premier League side ZED FC.

“From my own experience, repetitive use of the goggles strengthens the core muscle memory of the eyes and the mind. This helps players refine their reflexes and decision-making skills, ultimately leading to greater success on the pitch.”


(Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Compared with some of the cutting-edge technology employed at modern-day training grounds, this equipment is remarkably simple and cost-effective (less than £30/$39) and has been used across multiple U.S. sports including baseball, basketball and American football.

Crucially, their use is grounded in scientific principles.

As well as a UEFA Goalkeeping A Licence, Otte holds a PhD in skill acquisition training in modern football goalkeeping from the German Sport University Cologne and has published numerous research papers on the topic.

His 2021 paper titled “What do you hear? The effect of stadium noise on football players’ passing performances” is particularly relevant to the methods shown above, which outlines the role of “negative” auditory conditions leading to slower passing time in goalkeepers compared with controlled conditions.

In 2019, Otte co-authored “Skill Training Periodization in ‘Specialist’ Sports Coaching”, a paper which discusses the benefits of modifying the task (for example, changing the rules in a small-sided game) or equipment (such as using non-round balls to provide less predictable bounce patterns) to isolate a player’s skills within a specific session.

With his academic background, Otte has been consistent in putting scientific theory into practice and looks set to bring a fresh perspective to Liverpool’s goalkeeping coaching following John Achterberg’s departure in the summer after 15 years at the club.

The 33-year-old arrives at Liverpool having been head of goalkeeping for the United States’ men’s national team, joining Slot’s staff early after cutting his holiday short following the USA’s premature exit from the Copa America this summer.

The German’s experience also includes spells at club level with Burnley, Hoffenheim and Borussia Monchengladbach, where such creative training methods have been more common in his native country — most prominently at Bayern Munich, where ’keepers Manuel Neuer and Yann Sommer were seen wearing the goggles last season.


Goalkeepers coach Michael Rechner at Bayern (Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

These methods were introduced to Bayern by goalkeeping coach Michael Rechner, who is known for his innovative methods, having previously used the goggles during his own time at Hoffenheim. Rechner also founded the digital platform “Goalkeeping Development”, which provides resources and activities for professional and amateur goalkeepers — of which ZED FC’s Dida is an ambassador.

“Clubs that integrate such innovative tools often find their players gaining a competitive advantage, particularly in high-pressure situations during matches,” Dida explains.

“When you wear these goggles, they create a challenge in your field of vision, making it harder to react quickly and accurately, similar to the resistance of a weighted vest during running. As you train with the goggles and then remove them, you feel more psychologically agile and confident, as if the challenge has been lifted and your reactions are sharper.”

The Swivel Vision goggles are not the only tools used in modern-day goalkeeping, with Sommer also seen wearing VisionUp training glasses with Switzerland’s national team, alongside fellow goalkeeper Gregor Kobel, during Euro 2024 this summer.

These battery-powered devices provide an intermittent shutter — similar to a strobe light — that is designed to improve brain processing speed by creating an effect of slow motion when the ball is moving.

Slot’s predecessor Jurgen Klopp was open-minded in his outlook on Liverpool’s training routine and had a track record of working with individuals who had fresh, innovative ideas.

Specialist throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark worked with the club for five years, while Klopp called upon the help of surfer Sebastian Steudtner to work on breathing exercises with his squad ahead of the 2019-20 campaign. Most recently, Dr Niklas Hausler and Patrick Hantschke, co-founders of Neuro11, worked with Liverpool to help them improve at penalties — attaching electrodes to players’ heads to measure brain activity and assist with getting them “in the zone” for spot kicks by reaching their optimal mental state.


Specialist throw-in coach Gronnemark worked with Liverpool for five years (Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

It is clear that Slot is similarly keen to surround himself with experts within their respective fields to maximise high performance, and the arrival of Otte looks set to provide a fresh dynamic to Liverpool’s coaching staff.

His goalkeepers might not have a clear vision in training, but Otte’s vision for Liverpool’s goalkeeping regime has already begun.

Takefusa Kubo

View: https://x.com/Fooootest/status/1814371447437140003?t=sq1BmjL1a4wLEtFFYBtaNw&s=19

Article : from Japan
It was revealed on the 19th that the prestigious English club Liverpool is preparing a penalty fee of 65 million euros (approximately 11.145 billion yen) and an annual salary of 15 million euros (approximately 2.57 billion yen) to acquire Japanese national team midfielder Takefusa Kubo (23, Real Sociedad). This was revealed by multiple English sources. If the transfer goes through, both will be the largest contracts in Japanese soccer history.

Kubo's name has been raised as a candidate for Liverpool since the end of last season as a successor to Egyptian national team striker Mohamed Salah, whose contract expires next summer and who may be transferred this summer. In February of this year, he extended his contract with Real Sociedad until June 2029. The set penalty fee (transfer fee) is said to be 60 million euros (approximately 10.28 billion yen), but Liverpool is preparing a penalty fee of approximately 11.1 billion yen that exceeds that and an extraordinary annual salary of approximately 2.6 billion yen.

Trent, Salah and VVD

For me this far more of a worry than incomings...
To let all 3 run their contracts down would be mind bogglingly stupid, we are talking about £250m of assets there. Any one know what the latest is? We can't blame Klopp for over loyalty now, if all 3 leave on afree whats the logic behind it? Where is the financial sense?

Brizzle's Dirty Slots

That's right. This is an uprising.

New year. New manager. New jinx-fighting, superstition-upholding, overthinking group of optimists who will back our new manager to the hilt.

Kelly's Heroes had a good run, but ultimately its great leader was AWOL when we needed him. MomoWASawol.

Brizzle's Dirst Slots - your forum needs you.

Kelly’s Heroes 2024/25 - SLOTS QUAD SQUAD

Now that shite international bollocks is out of the way let’s get back to business. Pre-season is underway. A little over a month to the new season. That means one thing. Calling all recruits.

A new day, a new dawn a new campaign.

Who is all in on us winning the league and more. No real reason other than blind faith. This seasons mantra is be less pussy and be more Viking!

New ideas with a new structure. Would Slot go more pragmatic and less chaos? No gaping wholes at the back.

The outgoing players had minimal impact. Badger now fit. Slobby and Gravy to deliver more. Jota may not be dead for half the season.

So who is in. Sign-up with the voting options.

Should I stay or should I go?

I know I know we don't know enough about Slot's preferences or requirements or even his formation (s) yet but ....

From what we know, or can surmise, who is likely to be bottom of the 'keep' list and dispensed with?

From Slot's comments on VdB I think he'll be our new CB. He's said nothing about FBs but I'd be surprised if there is no action on LB. Tsimikas surely at risk.

In attack it's clear Nunez and Gakpo are going nowhere. Mo. back and looks happy. Jota all quiet. All the chatter is about Diaz. If he goes then it's one in.

Midfield is the conundrum. I can't see any top player being allowed to leave so Mac and Szobo are safe. But I'm near certain there will be inbound transfer(s).
Bajcetic looks perfect for a Slot midfield. Endo kept as a squad player.

That leaves the likes of Jones, Elliott, Morton (assuming one of the inbound players is a 6 or DM) at most risk. They won't all be kept and I don't see them as Slot players. Am I wrong?

Gravenberch a weird one. Dutch so some affinity. However he doesn't look like a Slot player does he?

Doak, McConnell, Ramsey ... don't see the point. Sold? Loaned?

Kelleher & Philips gone for sure. Any others?

Pre Season

Haven’t seen a thread on pre season yet.

Apparently the team are doing UFC sessions and going to the shooting range.

The bleep test is gone by the wayside too.

Anybody seen or heard anything about Slots early sessions?
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    Jan 15, 2024
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