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Brizzle's Dirty Slots

That's right. This is an uprising.

New year. New manager. New jinx-fighting, superstition-upholding, overthinking group of optimists who will back our new manager to the hilt.

Kelly's Heroes had a good run, but ultimately its great leader was AWOL when we needed him. MomoWASawol.

Brizzle's Dirst Slots - your forum needs you.

Kelly’s Heroes 2024/25 - SLOTS QUAD SQUAD

Now that shite international bollocks is out of the way let’s get back to business. Pre-season is underway. A little over a month to the new season. That means one thing. Calling all recruits.

A new day, a new dawn a new campaign.

Who is all in on us winning the league and more. No real reason other than blind faith. This seasons mantra is be less pussy and be more Viking!

New ideas with a new structure. Would Slot go more pragmatic and less chaos? No gaping wholes at the back.

The outgoing players had minimal impact. Badger now fit. Slobby and Gravy to deliver more. Jota may not be dead for half the season.

So who is in. Sign-up with the voting options.

Should I stay or should I go?

I know I know we don't know enough about Slot's preferences or requirements or even his formation (s) yet but ....

From what we know, or can surmise, who is likely to be bottom of the 'keep' list and dispensed with?

From Slot's comments on VdB I think he'll be our new CB. He's said nothing about FBs but I'd be surprised if there is no action on LB. Tsimikas surely at risk.

In attack it's clear Nunez and Gakpo are going nowhere. Mo. back and looks happy. Jota all quiet. All the chatter is about Diaz. If he goes then it's one in.

Midfield is the conundrum. I can't see any top player being allowed to leave so Mac and Szobo are safe. But I'm near certain there will be inbound transfer(s).
Bajcetic looks perfect for a Slot midfield. Endo kept as a squad player.

That leaves the likes of Jones, Elliott, Morton (assuming one of the inbound players is a 6 or DM) at most risk. They won't all be kept and I don't see them as Slot players. Am I wrong?

Gravenberch a weird one. Dutch so some affinity. However he doesn't look like a Slot player does he?

Doak, McConnell, Ramsey ... don't see the point. Sold? Loaned?

Kelleher & Philips gone for sure. Any others?

Pre Season

Haven’t seen a thread on pre season yet.

Apparently the team are doing UFC sessions and going to the shooting range.

The bleep test is gone by the wayside too.

Anybody seen or heard anything about Slots early sessions?

João Gomes

“Prior to joining Wolves, Gomes expressed his craving to play in Europe's premier club competition, though he cited Liverpool as a club he dreamt of playing for.

Speaking in the summer of 2022, Gomes, as quoted by ESPN Brazil, said: "Liverpool is a team I would play for. I have the greatest desire to play. Playing in the Champions League is my biggest dream and that of my family, my biggest dream in football."


Looks like us, United, Bayern and a few other clubs are seriously interested in him and Wolves are quoting £60M. Exactly the type of player I was talking about in other threads - a defensive pitbull at #8, but with top-level technique. An absolute no-brainer of a signing if we can win the competition for him.

View: https://youtu.be/MfW5tSmGGAY?si=anUL4GDO-gtFusvM

View: https://youtu.be/0Yl3DYiirWs?si=F8cZDoWZLw6N5ULv

View: https://youtu.be/oxnZLNItxc8?si=dsZiFTcMS_bWcMuQ

The midfield puzzle

For all the initial euphoria about our midfield rebuild being finished ahead of schedule last season, I don’t think we’re quite there. In fact, for all the undeniable talent and depth, I think we’re still at best 1-2 seasons removed from constructing the next great midfield of the post-Klopp era and there will be plenty of additions and substractions in the meanwhile.

Here are my thoughts and predictions on each of the current midfield players:

Endo - will stay as an important squad player for 1 more season, we need a player with his qualities even if we buy someone.

MacAllister - unfortunately I have a feeling he will leave for Real Madrid, probably next summer. He is pretty great and versatile and precisely the kind of a premium quality squad player serial winning teams have to have - but I just don’t have a feeling he will remain at LFC long-term. Would be pleasantly surprised if we manage to keep him.

Trent - if I were Slot, I would tell Trent the following: you made a lot of progress learning how to play in midfield and I am sure you will eventually get there, but you’re not currently ready to be a starting midfielder for a top team. Not for us, certainly not for Madrid. So I will give you playing time at #6 in certain games throughout the season, but you would not be the 1st or the 2nd option there. You will play as a RB in most games, inverting or not depending on specific tactics for the game, also allowing playing time for the young Bradley. Oh, and please sign the contract now, if not - adios.

Gravenberch - will be given a chance and will need patience, there is a lot of potential growth to come. Slot will definitely want to work with him and find out what kind of player he can become.

Jones - will stay at LFC for many seasons as a home-grown and versatile option, but not as a key player. May eventually become our Rabiot.

Szoboszlai - unlocking him and finding the perfect role will be one of the key tasks for Slot. Potentially a superstar, still.

Elliott - I don’t know how much Slot knew about him prior to signing, but I’m sure he will fall in love with Harvey after a couple of weeks working with him and will always try to find a place for him on the pitch. For example, in addition to his usual roles from last season, I could see him on the wing in a 4-1-4-1.

Bajcetic - potentially a key player for us for years to come, if we can keep him and keep him fit. Next season he should rotate with Endo, Macca and others to gently get back into things.

Morton - could actually be a good understudy option at #6, but will probably fall victim to the Trent situation and be sold for £20M or so.

Clark - loan.

Oh, and I would buy a warrior midfielder type like Ugarte or Joao Gomes either this or at the latest next summer. Our current midfield profile is too heavily skewed toward offensive qualities, with only Endo offering any kind of counterweight.
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    Jan 15, 2024
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