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CL 16/04-17/04

Its all going in!

Barca took the lead, but then got a mman sent off. PSG equalised so now its 4-3 on agg

Dortmund currently wining 2-0 to make it 3-2 on agg to them

Atalanta (A) - EL QF - Thursday 20:00 BST

Give it to Danns and watch us get the semis

They think it’s all over…

With Arsenal losing, It’s not quite yet, I have a feeling there’s still some twists and turns in the final 6 games.

yes we are least likely to win it and it’s the hope that will kill ya, but the day just got a tiny bit better.

Sell EVERYBODY upfront, maybe..?

Only for the right money, of course, but I'd listen to offers for ANY of our forwards this summer.

Mo is done as a game changer - His last two years was summed up today, minus the goal that often comes to hide his other wastefulness. It didn't today, and he should have been first striker off.
Diaz runs himself into the ground, but so often lacks that killer instinct, that I'm come to expect the miss rather than the goal, when he's through on goal.
Nunez - See Diaz, multiply by infinity.
Jotta - Actually think there's a top, top striker in there, but he's always fucking injured.

As long as we were guaranteed to spend the transfer fees on direct replacements, I'd not complain if any - or all - of them left. Like them all as players, wish it wasn't so, but we scare NOBODY anymore.

And we're not going to, anytime soon, without MAJOR changes up front.


What a sad and pathetic way to end Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool. No one saw it coming and there is still no convincing explanation for the way players suddenly lost all confidence and ability to put the ball in the net - or defend or win midfield duels. This will hurt for a long while and I’m afraid even tarnish Klopp’s legacy.

Not in the mood to be angry at anyone - the team clearly overachieved for most of the season and then regressed to the mean, but just this trajectory couldn’t have been more painful.

Other games thread Grand National weekend

Magpies vs Spuds

Brentford vs Sheffield U
EDL vs Brighton
Forest vs Wolves

Bournmouth vs Scum


Wham vs Fulham

Chavs vs Shite

Open match so far. I despise both sides and would normally want both to lose. If I had to pick a winner it probably would be Spuds.

Surprised Maddison wasn’t booked there.


This is what happens when Dream Deceiver is allowed to post match threads by Your Spineless Admin. They could easily render him harmless by immediately deleting his match threads. I have to kill myself to make it 4-3 instead of 0-3 .and Then the Crawling Palacite has the gall to claim the win. I wont do it anymore
I hate to do this but many of you seem oblivious to the fact that we are at war no room for traitors. He posts I don't.

They do nothing. I do nothing. Tic Toc .

Good luck re Palace.

Return of the Ratings thread - LIV Vs ATA

Just for kicks

Kelleher - poor
Gomez - shite
Konate - poor
Virgil - ok
Kostas - utter shite
Endo - poor
Alexis - ok
Jones - poor
Elliott - poor
Darwin - piss poor
Gakpo - shite
Salah - shite
Szobo - shite
Robertson - decent
Diaz - shite
Jota - ok
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    Jan 15, 2024
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