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Klopps to Leave at the End of the Season

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was in liverpool for the weekend watch game in the arkles .. a sad emotional day .. many trying to hold back the tears ,,
Surely come the 1st June they will stop all the Klopp content.
I'm sure it will thin out eventually, but I think it's absolutely fair to go balls out celebrating our most successful manager over the last few decades.

That video and those letters pretty much sums up his significance for me, can you think of any other active manager that has achieved as much off the field in terms of building bonds with club and fan bases while achieving equal success on the pitch?

If we had the same digital media capabilities in the days of Bill, Bob, Kenny etc I'm sure we'd see more of them online.
You forget it’s weird world of SCM, where legends go to die…
Bring on Mo Klopp content, another week of it pls.
Have to say Klopp looked so much better yesterday. Can understand why a manager job is draining the life out of you.
The dross that nearly won us a title, got back into the CL and won a cup. I’m fine with the way its gone.

Good for Klopp. He deserves a break.
then we wouldn't signed all the dross either, and had so re-sign edwards, ward etc
This evaluation is weird to me since the team we have now is much better than the team Klopp inherited. And that team was signed by Edwards and co with input from Rodgers.

When it comes to running a football club Klopp knows more about it than Edwards and hopefully he's has learnt a thing or two.

I'm glad Edwards is back though as he represents a continuity of sorts, rather him deciding on the strategy rather Slot.
Even weirder when you consider Ward signed quiet a bit of that dross before he left last time out...
I am being flippant.
Klopp did overextend his influence though, but we have gone over this before.
The new structure with head Coach firmly places Slot in his box.
Did he? Maybe upto a point but maybe it was necessary.
We really won't know till Edwards and Ward prove successful with the current setup. pre Klopp Edwards and Co were not known for fck all. Klopp was the bind and the leader, now we shall find out about whether Edwards was just man with City's scouting passwords or true to his reputation he has built up.
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