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Car insurance scam?

Discussion in 'General Chat Forum' started by Barba Roja, Jun 11, 2019.

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  1. Barba Roja

    Barba Roja Plundering since 2005... Member

    Jun 1, 2011
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    Ok so I need a bit of advice here. Slightly long story but bear with me. I should tell you that I'm incredibly naive (a little stupid) When it comes to this stuff. I've actually never been in an accident at all so this was a first for me. Plus I was a little distracted by recovering from an endoscopic operation I had the day before.

    So last Saturday I took my 6 year old lad to buy a rabbit at Pets At Home. I park up and head to the shop to get the Hutch, hay food, rabbit -  everything. I come back to the car and there are two people taking photos of my (rather lovely) white C220 2014 Merc.

    I said "Excuse me can I help you?"

    One of the guys said "yeah when you parked you hit our car"

    I was horrified and a little distracted not least because I had a rabbit in one hand, a shouty grumpy 6 year little boy demanding to hold the rabbit and what felt like half a zoo in the other hand. I apologised and went and had a quick look at my car. Not a scratch on it. I was kind of relieved but gave the guy my name and number and they wondered off.

    It was only when I got back that in all the madness I forgot to see their car or get their details (like I said I'm a idiot but given the circumstances I think I have a fair excuse)

    I talked to a buddy of mine and he reckons it could have been a scam of some type. I called my insurance and they said they'll flag the incident to their fraud team but I need to wait until I get a letter from their underwriters before deciding what to do.

    The very fact that there was no damage on my car leads me to think something is rotten in Denmark.

    As I said I'm a bit naive - Had anyone had anything like this happen to them? Do you reckon it's some scam?

    Signed stupid Barba
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