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Person of Colour

Discussion in 'General Chat Forum' started by Frogfish, Apr 4, 2019.

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  1. Frogfish

    Frogfish Gone to Redcafe Member

    Aug 22, 2006
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    Touchy subject it seems but here goes.

    I'm sorry but this phrase does my head in. It's so US PC correct I find it bile inducing, as is the Americans now 'racifying' the term 'Oriental' which is in fact used universally across the Orient by Orientals themselves, even the Chinese Govt. and media uses the term widely, yet Americans now deem themselves to be the sole arbiters and call the designation racist. Person of Colour ? What colour ?

    My wife is Chinese and she calls herself Yellow (as do all her friends referring to themselves), I lived in Nigeria for 5 years and traveled across both West & East Africa and nobody had a problem calling themselves 'Black' or 'Brown' (though admittedly this was 35 years ago) and no-one from the many black or brown people I know find accurate colour assignments racist. My best friend in Shanghai is Indian and he calls himself Brown. I have traveled very widely across 4 continents and have never found people to be other than descriptive when assigning a colour to themselves. I have no problem with people calling me 'White' (or even snowflake - endearing term in fact) or any other designation for white/pink.

    What am I not getting ? @moron, @Atlas, @Modo @ibromurph and other non-white people on this forum, why do you use this phrase ? Or if you don't why is the term in common use ? Is this purely US transference ? Do the designations 'Black' or 'Brown' or 'Yellow' have adverse connotations nowadays? Is it just my age (60) or the fact I've not lived the past near 40 years in the UK so don't get the change in social climate? Help me get this for God's sake !
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