1. Dreambeliever

    Anfield home of the reds……

    Well unless you are the women’s team. From next season the women’s team will play ‘home’ games at St.Helens.
  2. Frogfish

    Anfield Murals

    Love these - the Klopp one is absolutely the dog's bollocks !
  3. Brizzle

    Pre Match Chelsea (Anfield South) - Sunday 15:00

    Here we go, first chance at silverware of the season. Tricky line up for Klopp if he is worried about needing to rest/protect some players. I think Mo will start, and Darwin will be on the bench. Kelleher Bradley Konate Virgil Robbo Endo Macca Gravy Salah Gakpo Diaz Would love Nunez to...
  4. Turf Football Art

    'Probably the best Anfield artwork in the world'

    Turf Football Art is a unique new online shop which sells contemporary graphic illustrations of football stadiums. The newest addition to the ever growing collection is a fantastic print of Anfield - to date it is my favourite. Turf Football Art would like to share this with as many...
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