1. rurikbird

    Salah’s future

    Keep or sell?
  2. localny

    Poll Should Pep Lijnders be interviewed for the Manager's job

    OK lads. We're just seeing who's open to him getting interviewed. Doesn't have to get the job, but that they should look at it. ======== Pros - Better than a manager who doesn't know the players. He knows the lads He knows the system We might keep the coaching team together The team may welcome...
  3. rurikbird

    Poll Hendo poll

    I noticed that Jordan Henderson is becoming a whipping boy for more and more LFC fans recently. When he plays, people usually choose to blame him for goals we don't score and for chances we concede. When he doesn't play, somebody always says the midfield looked much better without him (even if...
  4. rurikbird

    Poll Little rat

    I vote keep.
  5. rurikbird

    Poll Our front 3

    Shall we call them MFC for Mane-Firmino-Coutinho? Just wanted to post some stats on their attacking contribution this season (EPL only): Mane: 13 goals, 6 assists in 26 stars Firmino: 10 goals, 9 assists in 29 starts Coutinho: 9 goals, 6 assists in 22 starts Overall, this trio has scored 32...
  6. Silver Sean

    Poll Best European night at Anfield

    So is last night up there? It has to be considered when you take into account what a pile of wank this squad has served up often in the past two years. What were a fairly unlikeable bunch have now stamped themselves into Anfield folklore. And given us a reason for pride and belief and love once...
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