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Anthony Taylor

He's an Altrincham fan though, arguably more likely to be biased against rather than for the Manchester sides.
I actually thought he was pretty good in the City - Arsenal game. I've seen the stats tweets regarding him refereeing our game, but from what I can see we have a pretty good record with him.

As long as its not Coote or Tierney it doesnt really matter.
I really have my doubts about it when refs claim to support lower league teams. Admitting that they support big clubs can really limit their career, as they basically won't get the big games.

That said, being brutally honest, the top refs will put their emotions aside and will be equally shit to both sides.
Anthony Taylor has been the ref in 50% of Klopp’s PL games we have lost which are around 40 games apparently.
I see the last three times he reffed the Utd (home) vs Liverpool games it ended up 1:3, 2:4 and 0:5 so we should be scoring 6 this time :-D

edit - oops the 1:3 was Newcastle United, old man's eyesight :(
Not quite

Like I said apparently and Does seem a less than that:
This was the original post:

“Just seen this crazy stat

Klopp has lost 82 out of 478 games.

57 of the loses occurred when the referee was bald.

40 of those 57 loses Anthony Taylor was in charge.

Klopp has lost 50% of his Liverpool games officiated By Taylor

#LFC #YNWA #JurgenKlopp”
We’ve lost 9 games with Taylor in charge. No doubt that there will be some VAR controversy on Sunday.
To be fair to Taylor (not sure why I feel inclined...), as one of the so-deemed top refs, he's more likely to call our matches against the better teams and therefore disproportionately be on hand when we drop points.
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