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Emery - undervalued?

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More or less sums it up for me.

I think most fans would prefer a punt on someone who's a bit inexperienced but seems to have potential to be great than a safe bet on a decent but less than stellar candidate. I tend to feel the same.
I can understand that from fans but not from our owners. I think he might be an 'up there' candidate for them.
Emery with Chambers in midfield against City. He can get to fuck being on any shortlist for us.
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I think Emery would be a terrific fit with us. He's repeatedly won trophies and most of that time has done so punching well above his weight. This talk about Emery as a 'safe' or 'steady Eddie' type completely undervalues what he has achieved in the game. Villa were well beaten last night, but they totally dominated City at Villa park in a manner that has rarely been seen in recent years and the 1-0 Villa win that night flattered City massively. His Arsenal days, as has been said, was buying a losing ticket, but we should remember that his team did have an incredible run that season and were leading at points before the wheels completely fell off. I think he is an excellent tactician and his teams often play great footy. I think Emery would be as good a replacement that is out there.
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