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Pre Match Forest (A) - PL - Sat 15:00

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The amount of media focus on that drop back is insane. Sky saying its a monumental error with that cunt Gallagher. Motd talking endlessly about it.
Somebody please explain to me why NOBODY is saying that EXACTLY the same thing happened to us about 30 minutes earlier...

Am I remembering it incorrectly? Didn't we have the ball, outside the box when the ref blew to make sure Yates was ok?
More to the point, the drop ball is irrelevant, because we should have had a freekick for the dangerously high foot from Yates, who was arguably lucky to escape without a card
And we scored nearly two minutes after the drop ball, and Forest won the ball back twice.
I think that there should be a new rule where teams are not allowed to score in the last minute, for fear of being branded cheating fucking wankers.
How would that work?

8 mins added on but take a leaf out of the AFCON playbook and blow up a minute earlier? Otherwise there will always be a last minute played 😳
That video is insane. Their fans look like they’ll fight and riot over an injury time goal.
Forest lost all due to the error.
They had no say in a game where they had chances to win the game yet missed.
8 mins of injury time with 2 of their players booked in injury time for time wasting.
Conceded a goal with 90 secs after the drop ball where they had 2 chance to clear their lines before we scored. Yep, all our fault they lost.
Astonishingly, Garth Crooks, in his team of the week on the BBC, gets it right. Stopped clock and all that...

"As for the controversy surrounding referee Paul Tierney and where the game should have restarted. The referee made a mistake, however once the ball was back in play it was incumbent on Forest to defend their goal regardless of the referee's decision. They had numerous opportunities to clear the danger and failed.

As for former official and now Nottingham Forest analyst Mark Clattenburg, asking to see the referee after the game was an interesting request. What was he intending to do - compare career mistakes?"
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