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NFL Off-Season 2013

Story narrated (mostly) by Elway & Marino's ex-lawyer agent, who convinced Elway to call the Baltimore Colts bluff. Colts had the #1 pick in the '83 draft and Elway didn't wanna go there, and told them he'd take up a baseball career with the Yankees if they picked him.

They still went ahead and picked them, Elway stuck to his guns, and then the Colts had to madly scramble to get a decent trade in place. Only the Broncos were able to get a deal done with the Colts owner. All interspersed with bits about how the NFL scuppered trade deals for the Raiders, how the Colts GM was undermined by his owner, and how 95% of other teams with 1st round picks chose fucking clowns. Which ultimately left the Dolphins selecting Marino at pick 27, as the 5th QB chosen in that first round.

Brilliantly produced, narrated, and delivered. Enjoyed every minute of it, and my knowledge of the workings of the NFL draft grew 100-fold.
Jerry Jones in a fucking nutshell. Top 5 talent available @ 18, trades down 13 spots (and doesn't get a 2nd rounder) and drafts a player most people thought was a 3rd round talent, a fringe starter at best AND not even the best available in his position.

FUCK OFF JERRY YOU UTTER CUNT. Hire a proper GM so we can start rebuilding this franchise you cunt.
Bye Bye Tim.

One year after bringing Tim Tebow to Broadway, creating a nationwide fascination that slowly evolved into a salacious controversy, the New York Jets made the long-anticipated move Monday of releasing one of the NFL's most popular players.

The Jets confirmed the release in a three-paragraph news release, a long way from his Super Bowl-sized news conference last March.
"We have a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow," coach Rex Ryan said. "Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped. Tim is an extremely hard worker, evident by the shape he came back in this offseason. We wish him the best moving forward."

So ends one of the strangest chapters in team history -- maybe in league history.

Tebow received rock-star media coverage from the moment he arrived. His introductory news conference last March drew more than 200 media members, highly unusual for a backup quarterback. The Jets were criticized for the excess.
On a completely random note, I watched ESPN's 30for30 last night on the Elway to Marino draft. Brilliant television.

Anyone else seen it?

I watched this the other night, it was very good. In fact I have enjoyed all the 30 for 30 documentaries that I have seen.

I had no idea that Elway went through all that when he was drafted, by the time I was old enough to remember seeing him play, he seemed to be well loved by everyone.
so what's the deal with the 49ers drafting this discus lad ? Will he get any game time at all anytime soon ?
They didn't draft him. He signed as an undrafted free agent. He'll rain with them over the summer but I would think the best he could hope for it to be included in next season's practice squad. I'd be amazed if he got anywhere near their active roster. Titans signed Tom Wort as an undrafted FA too. Imagine he'll be for the practice squad too, although he has far more chance of breaking into the roster than Okoye. He's a tad undersized, but is smart and fast as fuck. Could see him on a special teams unit initially, but has the potential to play across the linebacker positions. Always impressed me playing for the Sooners. Vicious hitter.

Menelik Watson should see field time in Oakland. They took him in the second round, and I reckon he'll compete for a starter's position with Barnes almost immediately. He's a great story - was a football prospect in Manchester until he smashed his ankle to bits. Took up basketball and ended up being recruited to a Div 1 college but was too small to play PF, so took up football and played for a community college in California (which is the college equivalent of county seniors football here). Scouts spotted him and he transferred to FSU. Then went forty second overall in the draft. Gotta love that.
great story @MC Golgotha

we signed some LB that people are high on ... so naturally, i'm not.

overall, i'm happy with the draft. Federick was a reach, but he'll start and hopefully be an improvement. Escobar, from the little I've seen, seems like a good receiving TE. He can't block, but I guess we're desperate to build an offense similar to NE with two excellent receiving TEs. Williams from Baylor will probably be our starter next year after we release Austin, who can't stay healthy.

Randle, the 6th round pick, is going to start once DeMarco gets injured ... excellent value pick in the 6th.
It seems Dez Bryant, if he stays healthy, is about to take his game to the next level - and after last year, that will be slightly behind Calvin's hopefully!
This Hernandez case is very interesting. Apparently a warrant has been issued for him for obstruction of justice.

The police had a warrant for his cell phone, and his home security footage the day of the murder. His cell phone was destroyed when he gave it to the police as was his home surveillance system. Also the police found out that he hired a professional cleaning crew at his house the day after the murder.

Very suspicious.
say what you want about football but it has nothing on the NFL and college football for scandal . Suicides , accidents , paedos , fake dead girlfriends , murders and the list of arrests goes on and on ..


reflection on US society? young athletes from tough backgrounds with access to lots of money ? Who knows , but there is always something going on.
Authorities searched a pond near the Massachusetts home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Monday as their investigation of the killing of an acquaintance entered its second week.
Dozens of reporters continued to camp out in front of Hernandez's North Attleborough home, but police and the Bristol County District Attorney's office have said little about the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of 27-year-old Oldin Lloyd, whose body was discovered a mile from Hernandez's home. Lloyd's death has been ruled a homicide.
ABC News on Friday reported that authorities were expected to execute an arrest warrant at some point for Hernandez for obstruction of justice, but that has yet to occur.
State police officers and dogs searched Hernandez's home for more than 3½ hours Saturday. Michael Fee, an attorney for Hernandez, has said he would not comment on the searches.
The arrest warrant was prepared last week after police discovered that the security system at Hernandez's home, along with his cellphone, were destroyed, sources told ABC News.
Surveillance video from the neighborhood shows Hernandez with Lloyd and two other people hours before Lloyd was killed last week, sources confirmed to ABC News late Thursday.
Media bringing up all sorts of things from Hernandez's past now as well.

Apparently quite a few teams pasted on him in the draft because of his reputation for hanging out with questionable crowds.
Media bringing up all sorts of things from Hernandez's past now as well.

Apparently quite a few teams pasted on him in the draft because of his reputation for hanging out with questionable crowds.

Arrested and released:

NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. -- Aaron Hernandez was arrested Wednesday morning, more than a week after an acquaintance of the New England Patriots tight end was found dead in an industrial park near his house.

Less than two hours following his arrest, Hernandez was released by the Patriots, who announced the transaction on their official Twitter account.
On the same day that tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested by authorities and released by the New England Patriots, the Cleveland Browns were dealing with their own serious legal matter.
Rookie defensive end/linebacker Ausar Walcott was charged with first-degree attempted murder, second-degree aggravated assault and third-degree endangering an injured victim, the Passaic County Sheriff's Office, in Paterson, N.J., confirmed Wednesday to NFL.com.
Just like the Patriots, the Browns swiftly acted in response to the news. The team released Walcott Wednesday afternoon. An undrafted player from Virginia, Walcott was signed on May 13.

they just keep coming in NFL and i suspect will continue to do so . It will be up there with WWE Wrestling for madness soon .
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