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Roberto Firmino: Liverpool's 'cult hero' who made football fun

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Never remember him speaking to press till first time post Villa game, he sounded rather intelligent and charming. Feel a bit undersold we never got to hear more from fun Bobby.
I hope he doesn't go all Paul Scholes on us. I never remember Scholes doing interviews when he was playing but the second he retired he wouldn't shut the fuck up moaning about his old team. I suspect Bobby won't go down that road.
Mo Salah on his favourite Roberto Firmino moment:

"I can't say just one moment. We have been together for six years. We have shared so many good moments inside the field and outside.

"In the locker room, he also sits right next to me, so we speak and have played together almost every game. It's very emotional to speak about him. As long as he and his family are going to be happy, that's what I wish.

"He's been a really important player for us. He's given everything for the club, he's always tried to be humble and to work hard, this is what he does. He's been very important and he's a really good guy, as well.

"He's played a really big role in this time. I don't want to be too emotional. I just wish him the best in the future." #LFC [stadium astro]
Shame he couldn’t maintain the high standards he set in 17/18.

Was poor under Rodgers, improved and then either got complacent or injured and hasn’t been the same for 4 years now.

Good player but nowhere near a great for me, nevermind a legend.
You missed a huge part of our title and champions league winning performances. The fact that he thrived under Klopp shows how limited Rodger’s was as a manager.

Legend for me.
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