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They think it’s all over…

Arsenal where always going to bottle it..

City we are banking on Brighton and Spurs to beat them or at least get something from them.

That's assuming we win every game..
Which on current form.. Ain't happening .

Agreed. Unlikely.
So it comes down to spurs to decide the league

Or us and arsenal fall away. As expected
With Arsenal losing, It’s not quite yet, I have a feeling there’s still some twists and turns in the final 6 games.

yes we are least likely to win it and it’s the hope that will kill ya, but the day just got a tiny bit better.

Come on man. We would have to win games consistently before any of this shit matters.
it's over - man city are not going to let this go and even if they do, it would be Arsenal who take advantage not us ...
I Think the season rests on Thursday..

If by some miraculous reason we find our shooting boots and overturn a 3 nil.deficit, then absolutely anything is possible elsewhere..

I will start to.beleive..

In my mind though I know it will end in tears..
Yeh I think I seen something about that.. podcast.. crackpot conspiracy theorists..

Something dodgy in the air on the south coast
Heard him and his family have been rousing locals to join in too, not sure where I read it though...
Arsenal are done, their fixtures are too difficult

Ours aren’t quite as bad but on current form we’re not pulling off the necessary 100% finish

Will City drop points away to Brighton or Spurs is the question and the answer is probably no

If a miracle happens in Italy the belief will creep into me again
Salah, Szobz and Endo need a break.

Probably Diaz and Darwin too.

Bring on Liverpool 2.0 now.
Jota, Gakpo, Danns, BacJ, Gravy

They're as likely to win us games than the aforementioned.
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