1. dee

    Manager merry-go-round

    So Slott to replace Klopp here but many other changes this Off season WestHam: Moise out, Juan Lopetegui in Bayern Munich: Tuchel out, Kompany on the way in Chelsea: Pochetino out, ??? In Man U: possibly Ten Hag out Brighton: De Zerbi out, ?? In AC Milan: Someone got fired
  2. localny

    Poll Should Pep Lijnders be interviewed for the Manager's job

    OK lads. We're just seeing who's open to him getting interviewed. Doesn't have to get the job, but that they should look at it. ======== Pros - Better than a manager who doesn't know the players. He knows the lads He knows the system We might keep the coaching team together The team may welcome...
  3. localny

    Steven Gerrard or James Milner as Assistant Managers?

    Lads, I hope we can agree the options for Liverpool manager are currently underwhelming. The only way is down after you've been in a relationship for 9 years with the world's most beautiful manager. I know Gerrard didn't cut it at Villa, but it was close. A lot of narrow defeats. Would he...
  4. Modo

    😱😱😱Rafa Benitez returns to LFC

  5. localny

    Pep Lijnders as the next Liverpool Manager

    Since Alonso has decided to make a smart move and stay in BL before taking the Madrid job, I've been thinking about who could take Klopp's players and do the best job. If this is the job description, then is there an argument to be made - unbelievably - for Pep who may be going to become the...
  6. bluebell

    Manager Merry-go-round

    Managers who are without a club or have announced departures end of season Klopp Xavi Conte Hans flick Joachim Lowe Maureen Potter Zidane managers who are likely to be sacked Benitez Poch(?) Touchel Hodge I could see Xavi going to Bayern with Hans Flick going to Barca. Potter will probably...
  7. L

    The MANAGER - Jurgen KLOPP!

    I can't seem to find a thread dedicated to this man, and possibly pin it right at the top of the forum. Anyway, just wanted to celebrate the man and his genius.... Good read about how he transformed...
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