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Blatant Corruption.

Are the FA and PGMOL corrupt.

  • Yes

  • No

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I have set this here rather than the football forum.

The word Incompetence should be banned when referring to these bent officials. No one not a single person looking at that Diaz goal said it was Offside.
The Jota first yellow was the most obviously slight and accidental touch imaginable. The second yes a yellow the way the Jones tackle was shown as an out of context still image deviously pre planned. normally a full video is shown.

All premeditated.

I think every one of these culps should be sacked. They know exactly what they're doing.

Gakpo crocked? A rule might be if you injure someone even accidentally You should be banned from playing until the injured party is fit with a built in time limit of Two full seasons max. but that's another thread.

Of course the shills will flood in to take aim. But f.ck them.

We should at least build up a detailed catalogue Names times dates Of every time we are cheated out of a point.

Including player injuries Using the Blue Moon Self censorship shit wont wash anymore we are being systematically f d over.

Truth be known we have been for years. I knew as soon as city lost we were for it.
Make it look like an even competition bollocks.

Funny how it always favors certain teams If we went back over 20 years It would be fascinating reading

Rather than just an angry rant after one venue which quickly disappears in the FF.
Otherwise these people will continue to Piss all over us forever. Incontinence my arse!
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