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Boxing please

I suspect this might be a lot closer than people think.

They've put the price up for this, which is a bit of a piss take.......I know I'll break and still get it.
Whyte has waited such a long time for this shot and he's going to give it everything. He's one of the hardest punchers in the division so it really is a similar proposition for Fury as he faced with Wilder. If Fury allows this to be a brawl (as he sort of did in the last Wilder fight), he gives Whyte a chance. If he boxes then Whyte has next to no chance. I see this as round 8 or 9 Fury, or a much more unlikely, but still possible round 4 or 5 KO for Whyte.
Did anyone watch the Canelo fight? Were the cards as outrageous as being reported?
I didn't but, if they were, it makes up for his first fight against GGG, who was robbed that night.
It’s the opposite. It was 113-110 which appears close but the guardian’s scores were way wider. 118-110. The report had it almost one way traffic into Canello’s face.
So far I've read two tips for the outcome and they're wildly different. One journo wrote that Benn isn't in Eubank's class, but Eddie Hearn reckons Benn will stop him.
Eddie Hearn is obvs gonna back his fighter lol.

I don't think Benn has power to stop Eubank but also what is "eubank's class" exactly...he's never won a world title.....his biggest wins have all come against domestic level fighters with a few in there which were their retirement fights.
I think this is a daft fight for Benn to take on. He's progressing well in his weight division and this is a sideshow.
True but at same time you have to applaud him for being willing to accept, he has a good chance of winning this fight.
It's got to be the pay cheque that's tempted Benn into this fight.......He's going to get smashed.

Already looking forward to Usyk v Fury!

I love Usyk, but can't help but think he'll get badly dismantled by Fury.
I wouldn't call Eubank @ 1/2 a "clear" favourite, he's the favourite.....City to beat Newcastle last night @ 1/6 was being a clear favourite....AJ beating Ruiz in the first fight @ 1/8 was being a clear favourite....not that being a favourite ever stood for much.

They're giving him that because of size and a little more experience.

When the real question is, who is the better fighter/boxer.
1/5 lol, they saw no one wanted to take a punt so now it's down at 1/2

I have question marks over how good Eubank Jr is....hasn't developed at all from his early years, in fact he's progressively gotten worst.
Any views on Joyce-v-Parker? A number of pundits seem to be predicting Joyce to win by knockout. I make him favourite but I think it might go the distance.
Confident Parker box rings around him, JJ far too stiff and we saw against Hammer & Takam the number of clean blows he took flush. Joyce cannot win the fight on points.

Never a box office event, BT taking the piss with that 1.
Annnnd I was proven wrong, fair play to the pundits that predicted KO for Joyce...he really does had a juggernaut of a head.
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