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End of Season's ranking

Fucking Special Olympic levels of gymnastics going on in here and i fucking love it

Dreamie innit - every time he says something that doesn’t add up, he doubles down on it while simultaneously contradicting himself.

Like that time he proclaimed it would be madness to play a full strength team in the FA Cup in one thread then selected a full strength team as his starting XI in the match thread.

It’s like an argument interpreted as free form jazz - there’s probably a tune in there somewhere, but it’s mostly just noise.

Maybe Dreamie exists, not to make sense, but to show us what happens if we remove boundaries and allow our imagination to run wild.

Might also explain signing Ryan Fraser in a heartbeat.
The defence was the main reason we didn’t win the league yes. The defence is a collective and the sum of the parts is always more important. As a whole our attack was far better than our leaky as fuck defence.
We were lucky we had two keepers who bailed us out all season long.

Here’s one for you get yourself all twisted out of shape again.

If a keeper isn’t making saves or to use your terminology “bailing us out” - did he have a good season?
Put it another way I’d rate the areas of the team as a collective like this

Keeper - 7.5
Defence - 5
Midfield - 6
Attack - 8
Why did we maintain a high line when we had the lead? VVD was awesome individually, should he have marshalled the team better especially the defence, in which case we have to score him as a Captain too, which imho should take his score down? Or, was it Klopp who either insisted a highline or did not tell the team at any point whilst we had 11 players on the field to stay compact?
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