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Formatting tools gone


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The formatting tools at the top of the text box have become inactive for me - now I cannot make text underlined or post links or pictures. Using Safari on an iPhone. Pretty sure it worked with the new version of the forum before, but at some point it stopped. Any ideas?
We (I) upgraded the forum to the latest version of the forum software, Xenforo 2.3. It seems there were one or two weird impacts.

1. THe auto update of the What's New has stopped working (Jono has fixed that up as best as he could)
2. Some of the BBCode formatting isn't working - tables in particular
3. Pasting in images only works on edit not on first post
3. What you just said

Basically we are in @6TimesaRed's hands as he is way too busy with his real life. I'm not capable of fixing PHP I'm afraid. I just look after the server (OS, DB etc)
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