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Match day 17 & 29 + FA Cup 5th Rd Fixtures (13-17th Mar)

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Yeah I saw that, the on field ref didn't blow the whistle for a foul or give a yellow card, which I kind of understand because in real time it was almost impossible to see if the Coventry player got hit.
VAR couldn't really do anything about it because he barely grazed him and it didn't warrant a red card.
During the game I noticed Coventry's no 10, Callum O'Hare and I'm thinking this boy looks like a Grealish impersonator.
Come to find out he's actually from Solihull, played for Villa, grew up with and is mates with Grealish.
Robinson is a quality player, that cross was delicious. Muniz 1-0

Played well this half have Fulham.

Lukic 2-0, ball by Castagne this time round. Exquisite finish (maybe a tad fortunate).
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3-0. Turning into a hammering now.

Corner Fulham falls to Bassey whos turns and shoots, rattles off the inside of the post and falls (kindly) to Muniz who prods it in.

Bassey and Tosin in summer - £30m + free signing.
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It's nice that Coventry got into the semi finals of the FA Cup.

Means City can get back to their usual easy cup draws.
Son should leave Spurs and take a leaf out the Harry Kane playbook by trying to add a trophy of some kind.

So I think a return back to Leverkusen would be good for him.
Did Sterling ever really hit his potential?
He was decent with us but Suarez and Sturridge stole the show those few seasons.
Won titles at City but didn't really push on and now he epitomises the madness at Chelsea.
Trash free kick just now horrible, terrible pen before and then booed by his own fans
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