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Match day 34 - other games April 20-21


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Luton vs Brentford
Sheff Utd vs Burnley

Wolves vs Arsenal

Everton vs Notts forest
Palace vs West Ham
Villa Bournemouth
Luton needed to win to put pressure on Everton and Forest. Getting hammered at home is pretty much guaranteeing that both survive.

Let’s hope Leicester and two from Ipswich, Leeds and Southampton are more competitive than this year’s dross.
I was happy seeing Burnley smash Sheff U but it’s too little too late.
Luton vs Brentford 2-1
Sheff Utd vs Burnley 2-1
Wolves vs Arsenal 5-0


Everton vs Notts forest 0-5
Palace vs West Ham 2-2
Villa Bournemouth 3-1

Good start to your predictions there.

Edit. I didn't see the above. But it's so dreadful it deserved to be posted twice.
FFS some fucking woeful finishing. In a game that’s not happening
Wolves are fucking shit. No chance they get anything from this game.
Fucking useless.
The officials trying their hardest to keep eVARton up. Forest denied two penalties. The shite have been shit yet still find themselves one up.
El Deducto.

Just seen Everton's goal, are you supposed to get that kind of luck when you're at the bottom?
Didn't VVD get a red card for kicking through Isak to win the ball?

Young has just done the same (twice today, with even less of the ball).

The refs really cheating to keep Everton up. That's 3 pens Forrest should have got today.
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