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Mentality Midgets or Arrogance?

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It's galling the way our league title charge has fallen apart. But what is more galling is the thought and feeling that it's a deeper psychological aspect.

Klopp himself admitted there was a psychological aspect to this and admitted that he took responsibility for failing to get the players motivated. VVD the other day said that he felt some players in the team weren't giving it all. These are scary things to hear as a Liverpool fan.

I've noticed something creeping in our play and I don't know if it is arrogance or complacency, I guess this has shown itself when we've gone behind and then had to dig ourselves out of a hole many times.

I remember when we all laughed at Mane and Salah arguing or the sight of them throwing a strop when they got substituted but at least that showed a sense of passion.

Now it's looking at the likes of Gravenburch sauntering around on the pitch like he's late-stage Ronaldo, Nunez laughing/smiling when he misses another easy-open goal, Trent playing Hollywood balls every time he thinks he's the main character etc, Salah repeatedly trying to take on 6 players and then smashing a shot into row z.

I feel like there is something wrong with the chemistry of this team like there wasn't before....Yes only a few weeks ago we were talking about the QUAD but if were honest we haven't really played well for most of this season and A LOT of our wins were from losing positions, hence the feeling that there's some sort of complacency/arrogance in our ranks.
When people start talking about mentality, heart, passion etc, I usually just space out.

You are right to say we haven't played well all season. Wouldn't therefore our results speak to persistence overcoming a lack of quality, and not to a negative mentality?

Push came to shove and we weren't good enough once the legs went. The returning heros largely made the team worse.

That's it. The chemistry we need is in our play. I don't think there's some great mental component to it.

When mane and Salah Argued it's because they were peers and fucking good. What are our forwards going to argue about now?
Mentality monsters was always overplayed when it came to us.

It really is as simple as saying we never had enough quality and depth to cope with the demands of Klopps style and competing on all fronts in a season with huge congestion issues while in transition and being so popular that we routinely got shoehorned into 1230 kick offs or only ever got 3 days rest after Europe. Others often got 4 or 5 playing on a Tuesday or Weds.

We only have ourselves to blame but we still have a superb squad foundation for next season.
Wasn’t there something about Endo today with VVD? I decided to avoid the game as was out but someone mentioned it and wasn’t sure myself.
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