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NFL offseason, Draft and 2019/2020 season.


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I know its early but wanted to share...
Season's over anyways.

Predictions for next year:
Patriots will go 5-1 in their divisions, and win their division again, regardless who's their QB.
Raiders will go 3-13 despite it being Gruden's team.
Chiefs will go big on defense in the draft and will be the AFC's best team.
Vikings will talk a big game, but they'll fuck up because cousins is inconsistent. The defence will improve, but still be meh

Andy let me know when tickets are gonna go on sale and I'll try and go to one
I dont know mate. You can register your interest now and then they will mail you when they confirm dates
Stat of the day..

Entire Pats Oline (including depth chart) salary this year - $17.3m

Tyron Smith - $17.6m
I think Gronk is done now tho. That seemed a fitting final hurrah from him.

We'll miss him big time.
The Denver quarterback shit show continues.

Elway must be trying to ensure he remains the best ever Denver QB
Could be a great trade for them.
Cheap (3rd-4th rounder I'm guessing) and he can still throw the rock.
I expect Broncos to make a run for Kyler Murray.

Flacco and Keenum as insurance policies. Especially in year 1. Hold Murray back like Chiefs did with Mahomes.
Hahaha ... Another deflated balls controversy

Jupiter police chief Daniel Kerr said in a press conference on Friday morning that Kraft’s two counts stem from two separate visits to the spa “approximately a month ago” and the acts were captured by body-worn cameras and surveillance the department had been conducting during a months-long investigation.

Good luck explaining that
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Adam Schefter is saying there are more names to come and Kraft isn't the most high profile one.
That was my first guess too.
Or Tiger Woods

They had the place monitored for 8 months !
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Patriots have deleted a tweet from 2010 which referenced 'a happy ending'.

Kraft denied the allegations. However it may be a move to try and protect draft capital.
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