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NFL offseason, Draft and 2019/2020 season.

Manning ---> Luck ---> Lawrence?

They have been spoiled with QB the last 20 years and if they tank again this year... they get arguably the best prospect since Manning.

They shouldn't have booed they should have cheered.
I mean, Miami have a Kenny Stills shaped hole...

But I bet Belichick is stroking his chin thinking he can get one good season out of this galoot.
The All-Pro wide receiver has agreed to a deal with the New England Patriots, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The news comes only a few hours after the Raiders honored Brown’s request to be released.

Adam Schefter



Antonio Brown has agreed to terms with the Patriots, per source.


9:58 PM - Sep 7, 2019
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Per Schefter, the deal is a one-year, $15 million pact that includes a $9 million signing bonus for Brown. Brown himself confirmed the deal on Twitter with a photoshop of himself in a Patriots uniform.
They had two scouts at the Clemson/Texas A&M game on Saturday, watching Trevor Lawrence again. You'd have to respect their commitment to a plan if it involved playing absolute weaponball for two years until Lawrence was ready to go.
Lawrence looks like he could have gone straight to the NFL from high school and done well.

Clemson dominated on Saturday and he never looked like he got out of second gear.
The tape of him in high school is insane. Physically, he's like something you'd construct in a lab. His height and arm are crazy, but for a 6'5" dude he shifts like a sprinter. Really underrated speed. I expect to see more of his wheels this year, although it's understandable that Dabo won't want him charging into the fray willy nilly.

A&M match up pretty well, particularly as the staff all know each others' games so well, but like you said, Clemson just cruised without taking any risks. Lawrence was probably mindful that he got hooked for Bryant in the game last year.

But still—can the Dolphins seriously be considering tanking for 2 seasons? I suppose they can use next year's draft to build an O-line to house Lawrence behind. Andrew Thomas or Trey Adams or Wanogho.
Watching the Texas and Jaguars game at Wembley at the moment. They mentioned that this is the 7th year in a row the Jaguars have played at least one home game in London.

I'm curious if anyone knows if a fan base is taking hold in London, or England, for Jacksonville?

Seem to be a lot of Jags shirts at the stadium, but for all I know they could be handing those out at the door.
I was there too.

Big Jags support, but then when you look at the efforts they're making to grow the game in the UK that's not surprising.

It might help grow the game if they scored more than 3 points though
Heard the other day the Chargers were a viable candidate to move to London now.

Can not be any worse than being in LA, where they have no business being, they play at the same stadium as the LA Galaxy for goodness sake, and apparently they regularly play the opposing teams them music at the games as the home team fans are often the minority.
Tagovailoa helicoptered out of Starkville to Birmingham with what seems like a hip fracture. Tanking for Tua not seeming so smart now (although I suspect Burrow is going to make a very good pro).
Baltimore put an ass whipping on H-Town.

John Harbough is a really under rated coach, right behind Bellicheck as best in the league.
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