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Other Games (Matchday 17, Dec 15-17)

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Friday 8pm
Forest vs Spurs (UK, Sky)

Saturday 3pm
Bournemouth vs Luton
Chelsea vs Sheff United
Man City vs Palace
Newcastle vs Fulham
Burnley vs Everton (5:30pm, UK Sky)

Sunday 2pm
West Ham vs Wolves (Uk, Sky)
Brentford vs Villa
Arsenal vs Brighton
Forest vs Spurs 1-2

Saturday 3pm
Bournemouth vs Luton 2-0
Chelsea vs Sheff United 2-0
Man City vs Palace 1-1
Newcastle vs Fulham 2-3
Burnley vs Everton 1-1

Sunday 2pm
West Ham vs Wolves 1-1
Brentford vs Villa 2-1
Arsenal vs Brighton 3-1
Forest haven't been able to keep the ball for longer than 5 seconds.

It's only Spurs, you're at home....fucking get at them.

Nasty head injury for Johnson here, not the ideal game for his father to attend to.....doesn't look like fat Ange is gonna take any risks.

MGW has been shocking this season.

5th booking for Udogie, he's suspended for their next game against the Ev.

Super cross Kuluevski, Turner fucking Mignolet style calamity. Richarlison nods it into empty net.
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Spurs have been largely poor against a very poor Forest side…and the Forest keeper has gifted them two goals.
It's funny, Bissouma will be suspended for the three games Spurs have before he leaves to play in the AFCON.
Smart move.
That hit him as he was falling backwards.

It's good reactions tbh to him but his handling all night has been very suspect, lucky to get away with 1 or 2.

Look at him there again, proper strange keeper.
Ange quietly getting Spurs winning again. Level with City now.
Winning against mostly shite.

When the tough games came, he failed & he will do again before the season ends.

It's the same old Spurs. They'll win nothing and finish somewhere between 4-6th.
Awesome, he quietly (what does that mean?) got his team to beat Forest, a team with three wins in 17.
Since the wheels ‘came off’ he’s beaten won 2 in a row and beaten another top 4 rival in Newcastle.
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