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Tickets - Spurs (H) & Brentford (H)

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Hi lads & ladettes,

Been on this forum from the very beginning but posts have been few and far in between in years gone by - but still visit this place on the daily 🙂

Coming over to the UK for 2 weeks which will coincide with our home games vs. Spurs & Brentford on April 1 & 7 I believe.

Want to tick off an Anfield match day for the first time ever & these are the 2 games I can realistically attend.

Was able to to get tickets to Spurs v Liverpool back in 2016 at White Hart Lane - albeit via some scalper website where I paid 100 pound for the ticket.

Might have to go down that route again but thought I might try my luck on here to see if there's any other avenues I can go down to get some tickets to either or both of these fixtures.

Any help would be much appreciated - would be nice to meet up with anyone as well who might be attending for some match day bevvies as well.

Apologies if there's a thread for this - had a look but couldn't find anything.

Might have to go down that route again
You will mate, wouldn't bother going down any other route unless you know someone personally who's a ST holder and willing to help out.

I've been trying to get to every home game possible this season via the official website through the members access and have only managed to get to 2 games (excluding the friendly against Strasbourg I was also at & they were all an absolute pain to get tickets for)......if you try looking around on social media, more often than not you find they're a bunch of scammers or time wasters.
If you can’t get a ticket - pay the additional for one of the hospitality packages.

Also - she’ll out for a room at the Titanic if the club still stay there pre-match.

Go boozing at one of Wolands pubs - especially if he’s hosting 80’s rock karaoke - I made the mistake of missing that one.
Thanks for the feedback lads.

Appreciate the offer Woland - I'll use it as a last resort as I'm needing 2-3 tickets ideally together (long shot)

Had a look into hospitality packages - a bit too pricey for me - might just go down the 3rd party resale route as its just a one off cost and I'm willing to fork out if need be.

Whats the ticket policy for kids under 2 yrs old?

Might look to take my daughter with me - can she sit on my lap using my ticket or does she need a ticket of her own?

Thanks again.
Don't do it to yourself. I've got a cheese grater for your balls and a bottle of vinegar that you can borrow for 180 minutes instead.

Haha for sure - the way this season is going...

But nevertheless, it must be done.

Had everything booked for Copa America in Argentina - flights, hotels, match tickets - only for it to get canned because of Covid. Missed out on the chance to see Argentina play at the La Bombonera & the Monumental 🙁

Post covid - bucket list items are there to be ticked off if the opportunity presents itself.
Might just go with the hospitality package (The Sandon) - Anfield Road end.

Resell websites just charging way too much - and found 1 site hats not too bad, but don't want the fuck around of having to meet someone in an alleyway to collect tickets lol.

If any long term people on here will be going to the game, be good to meet up and have a bevvie on match day for sure.

Planning to head up on the day before.

Just hit me up via DM.
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