1. L

    Klopp photo and video search - LFC Doc

    Hi all, hope you don't mind us posting here. Lorton Entertainment are reaching out to Liverpool fans and looking for any videos and photos of any personal interactions you have had with Jurgen Klopp, from his arrival in Liverpool in 2015 right through to the present day. We want to show Jurgen...
  2. Dreambeliever

    Klopp Report Card

    I remember we did a Klopp report card after we won the league and most had him at A+. I think I had him at B- at the time as we had lost so many cup finals. Now that his 9 years have come to a close what would you rate his time at Anfield? He won the lot, build a team, was part way through...
  3. Accedalyday

    Thiago is dead

    Thiago Alcantara's time with Liverpool will come to an end this summer upon the expiration of his contract. https://www.instagram.com/p/C7D--Ccs652/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=d20d4606-f72b-46fa-ad44-57d4a5bcb024
  4. Hansern

    Wolves (H) Klopp’s last game in charge

    The day has come and it will be Klopp’s last game in charge. Gonna be emotional. What a man. What a manager. Anfield will be amazing I reckon.
  5. rurikbird

    Ranking Klopp’s seasons

    1. Season 2018/19 – Let’s talk about six, baby! League finish: 2nd Points: 97 Champions League: Winners FA Cup: 3rd Round League Cup: 3rd Round A stunning season saw Liverpool not only win a sixth European Cup but also accumulate 97 points in a relentless Premier League title battle with Man...
  6. mark1975

    If Klopp wasn't leaving..

    How would you be feeling right now ahead of next season? The resignation seems to have speeded up the notion that he's taken us as far as he can, given how dramatically we've collapsed, again. On the flipside, our realistic objective for the season has been achieved. What do we think?
  7. Brizzle

    Favourite Klopp Moments

    We need to men in black this season. It could have been a fairytale, but it wasn't. Before we get into a summer of speculating what needs to change next season, let's flood the forum with positive vibes. For me, Klopp made me love this club again. Everyone has different reasons they started...
  8. bluebell

    Alonso Vs Klopp

    Imagine in 12M, FSG sack whom ever they've appointed and both Klopp and Alonso are available and both keen to manage LFC again. In this fictitious fantasy, Alonso has done the domestic double again. Who do you go for?
  9. Dreambeliever

    Where does Klopp rank against all time league greats? If at all.

    So @Fabio believes he isn’t a great outside of LFC. What say you? I’d say it’s Ferguson Wenger Jose Klopp
  10. moron

    The Positive and Optimistic Life Without Klopp

    Hi All, I don't usually start threads, and to be honest there is just to much anguish that I feel here, sure I'm worried about the future, but I have faith in FSG of all organizations about the future of our club. They know what it means to be in the big time now, and they know we won't demand...
  11. bluebell

    Top Of The Klopps (Best Klopp moments)

    This can be visited again... After 30 years of mediocrity with some European Silverware, a man from Germany heard the Kop calling from far, far away. Klopp packed his trunks and said goodbye to Dortmund. Off he went to, Kloppty Klopp, Klopp, Klopp... *I'll finish the rest later 9 years with...
  12. Modo

    Klopp's transfers ranked

    Here's Paul's rankings w/ timestamps for anyone interested 37) Naby Keïta - 0:41 36) Arthur Melo - 4:52 35) Ben Davies - 6:39 34) Ozan Kabak - 6:41 33) Steven Caulker - 9:41 32) Loris Karius - 11:54 31) Sepp Van den Berg - 14:52 30) Marko Grujic - 15:51 29) Dominic Solanke - 17:25 28) Ben...
  13. L

    The MANAGER - Jurgen KLOPP!

    I can't seem to find a thread dedicated to this man, and possibly pin it right at the top of the forum. Anyway, just wanted to celebrate the man and his genius.... https://www.skysports.com/football/story-telling/11095/11909299/klopps-10-steps-to-greatness Good read about how he transformed...
  14. 6TimesaRed

    You know what..

    I so Cannot believe we landed Jurgen Klopp, such a coup.. Has to be catch of the Season.. He is the type of manager players will jump through hoops for.. You can see that already.. Yes its not been perfect this season, far from it, but you would be mad to expect it to be, in such a short...
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