1. dee

    Liverpool related transfer speculation

    Ahead of the window flying open on Friday I’m creating this thread to capture the general made up shit about who we are in for. Any generalised bollocks can go in here. Let’s try to only start threads on the moves that go beyond speculation on tribalfootball or a space filler in the red tops
  2. mwake

    Liverpool 2.0 or 1.5?

    I have never been fully convinced of this new version of the Liverpool team, even when there was talk of the QUAD. And for this reason, I'm also scared about Klopp leaving. Is it that this team is decent or is being propped up to look as good as it does because Klopp has these amazing...
  3. localny

    Steven Gerrard or James Milner as Assistant Managers?

    Lads, I hope we can agree the options for Liverpool manager are currently underwhelming. The only way is down after you've been in a relationship for 9 years with the world's most beautiful manager. I know Gerrard didn't cut it at Villa, but it was close. A lot of narrow defeats. Would he...
  4. localny

    Pep Lijnders as the next Liverpool Manager

    Since Alonso has decided to make a smart move and stay in BL before taking the Madrid job, I've been thinking about who could take Klopp's players and do the best job. If this is the job description, then is there an argument to be made - unbelievably - for Pep who may be going to become the...
  5. bluebell

    Best FWs to wear a Liverpool Shirt

    1. Ian Rush 2. John Barnes 3. Salah 4. Suarez 5. Fowler 6. Torres 7. Aldridge (nb I did not witness King Kenny, Keegan or Toshack etc) so couldn't comment what place they'd be. The list does not have to be 7. You can make it short or as long as you like
  6. King Binny

    Google DeepMind unveils AI football tactics coach honed with Liverpool Google DeepMind has developed a prototype artificial intelligence football tactician in collaboration with Premier League club Liverpool, in the latest push to use the...
  7. Bradley

    The A-Z of Liverpool Goalscorers

    On the radio commentary from BBC last night they had a fact that this season Liverpool completed the alphabet of goal scorers, i.e. we have had a goal scored by a player who's surname starts with every letter in the alphabet. Not sure is this was premier league or all time. Worth a blast, try...
  8. Turf Football Art

    'Probably the best Anfield artwork in the world'

    Turf Football Art is a unique new online shop which sells contemporary graphic illustrations of football stadiums. The newest addition to the ever growing collection is a fantastic print of Anfield - to date it is my favourite. Turf Football Art would like to share this with as many...
  9. 6TimesaRed

    Liverpool striker holds talks with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho

    LIVERPOOL striker Mario Balotelli has reportedly held talks with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho. The Italian striker is surplus to requirements at Anfield and has been told to find a new club by Jurgen Klopp. However significant interest in the 26-year-old has been fleeting for the man...
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