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Kelly’s Heroes 2023/24

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There seems to be a misunderstanding, among some, about the concept behind Kelly's Heroes. Its not about diligently weighing up our chances, logically concluding we are in with a shout or have no chance and then making a decision on whether you are in or out, based on that cerebral analysis.

Its about blind faith and illogical optimism - believing, even knowing, Liverpool can & will win the league until it is mathematically impossible ... and even then clinging on to the dream that any team ahead of us will be banned for FFP violations.

Don't be a pussies, get your arses in gear and get in
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In Like Flynn
Anyone who hasn't signed up yet is taking too long to think about. Close the doors, lock the gates, we have who we have and march forward as one.

I trust there are suitable punishments for deserters this season.
I was looking forward to this season under the premise that we'd rebuild the midfield, provide back up to the defence and bed a couple of the new forward players in.

Hendo, Fabinho and the Saudis have put paid to that. Another turbulent season for the midfield. We potentially had a nice balance of experience and youth which could've led to a nice transition.

But we've demolished that midfield now, still a couple of bodies short in there, and the defence looks thin as fuck.

Similar season to last season. Top 4/5.
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