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Match day 27 - Other Games

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Whats your deal with shite fullbacks?
I thought Robbo was a good fullback at Hull and I saw something in Robinson the first time I saw him at Fulham. Not saying Doughty is Theo Hernandez or Dimarco good, but I’ve liked highlights of him. Gets forward at will, direct, loves a cross. Having a good season.
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I think a lot of their fans know and accepted by now their season is going nowhere and would happily be on the end of a thumping today.

I can't believe that a lot of their fans are happy with a thumping in a derby, and them getting a step closer to getting four in a row.

Imagine it's a rock and hard place for a lot of them.
I'd imagine they'd hope for a narrow, undeserved loss. The kind of loss that galvanises a squad for the rest of the year.

The "ten hag out"ers definitely want to be bent over and gaped by a red hot Morningstar
United stand no chance without jarg Haaland out. He's there only real threat and Onana is due some howlers.

Arsenal banging 7 or 8 against Sheffield United is very possible. They're cooking at the moment and Sheffield Uniteds defence is League 2 level.
United are better away and City home form isn’t at their usual standard… nah, City going to win easily
There’s really no downside to watching this match is there? Likelihood is City destroy them, so we see United despair at a minimum. Anything else is a bonus.
Exactly this.

The only times I tune into City is when there is no downside (i.e playing Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Utd) or us.
Bruno to break his ankle
Bernardo to break his shoulder
KDB to break his foot
Haaland to break his face.

That's all I ask.

Oh & a Utd win.
Rodri, KDB, Haarland, Silva .....


Evans, McTominey & Mainoo

United are going to get walloped
Fuck me - WHAT A GOAL!

Route one from Onana - then Rashford with a ripper from 25 yards
I was just writing before Rashford fucked that up that the ultimate cliche applies to this game, a goal is coming soon, either from City's pressure, or United just running through City non existent defence.
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