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Match Day 32 - Other Games (April 6th-7th)

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Oh I agree. I'm very much shitting tomorrow for some reason. I'm not bothered about GD at all. Just hope we can keep scraping wins

Tomorrow was always gonna be the big test imo. Bad record there, plus it's just Utd, isn't it? If we do manage a win I'd be pretty confident about winning it tbh.
I doubt GD will be a factor against City. 3 point difference means we'd have to lose a game, whereas we're much more likely to draw one. It IS a big factor vis a vis Arsenal, but theirs is probably unassailable anyway.
6 goals difference with 8 games to go is "unassailable"? Has Hal hijacked your account?
Saka back for Arsenal......annnnnnd yep absolutely no one else out for them as per.
6 goals difference with 8 games to go is "unassailable"? Has Hal hijacked your account?

Well it's 7 if you factor in the automatic increase if we drop 2 points. So 7 with 7 to play. Yeah that's pretty big imo.

We'd basically need 2 major thrashings of the ~5-0 variety. Pretty unlikely.
Wolves have had a lot of shocking VAR calls go against them this season, and in the dying mins today was another 1.
50/50 as it can still be deemed a foul even if you get a piece of the ball but of course it's gonna go the way of Arsenal. All the luck is with them.
I’m watching without sound, i thought he flicked the ball and it would be overturned

He did.. VAR again..

Of course Alan Smith is saying it was a pen as he got plenty of the man.. and very little of the ball.

Fucking shite again.
Lamptey challenge was shite, mistimed and penalty. Was lucky to touch the ball in any of it.
If De Zerbi loses this then he shouldn't be invited for an interview 😉
Injured himself my arse. He's perfectly fucking fine, the cunt.

Close by Enciso, quality attempt.
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