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Premier League : Week 4 (11th Sept thru 13th Sept.)

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0-3 Lewa

He's too good.

Gnabry's turn to his the post, again falls back to Lewa who has a bit more work to do this time to slot it away.

Sold Pique like a 2 dollar hooker there.
Boss ending to the Kiev game. They should be down to 9. Good chances in injury time. Kiev score. Offside after var check.
What a save by Kobel to stop Batshuayi

Besiktas all over these man...38 year old Atiba Hutchison running the show lol...come on JUDEEEEE
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JUDEEEE scoresssssss. 0-1 BVB

Brilliant chest control and volleys it between the keepers' legs. Sublime.
Lovely cushioned volley by Perez. Leicester 1-0

Great fast start by them...great play by Barnes.
That was a great goal by Leicester

Harvey Barnes magic after the perfect pass by Kelechi.
That's a quite brilliant header by Osimhen,

Typical Rodgers bottling it up.

& now Ndidi goes and gets himself sent off in last few mins, what a clown.
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