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Rugby World Cup

I think he gave the Pen in the French game that Pollard slotted over from his own half and the bok lock clearly had his hands on the ground supporting his weight. He also had our game again the all Blacks and didn't Marshall the lineout separation or the scums.
Imo Barnes did his part as both were yellows.

it was the 'bunker review team' that helped the South Africans.

Mitigation in both incidents but only one being upgraded to a red!

SK - mitigation: Was bent at the hips - Negative: But he was coming from a distance with a far heavier impact with the head.

SC - mitigation: The opposition player changed direction at the last second with his knees almost touching the ground - Negative: SC was upright in the tackle.
I had no complaints about the cards in the final
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Bland. To be honest. SA have won 3 WCs without scoring a try.

They're a great outfit SA. But there was only 1 team playing rugby there.

A fairly forgettable tourno IMO. But better than no rugby I suppose.
It really needed those q/f to be the semis and then a better final to rescue it.
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