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Thanks VAR the memories....

People on the tiktoks think that was a ploy to show everyone "see? VAR can be trusted" after wolves tables their motion. Based on the fact no one was claiming a pen, and people knew he got the ball
conspiracy loons
and I like a good conspiracy myself
It's like we put condoms on our big toes and decided it is a shit form of birth control.

But we are going to trust our judgement to pull out from now on, because we're only human.
Stupid push. Will never get up.

-17 fucking hell.
Whenever I've watched Wolves this season they seem to have been shafted by VAR. Completely ruins the game by putting hesitation in the minds of the refs, takes away the fun feel factor and takes an age to come to any decision no matter how close or not it looks at first glance.

But that table isn't wholly accurate either, it only represents what it wants to represent and doesn't include decisions that weren't overturned which clearly ought to have been......Mac sending off against Bournemouth, Odegaard handball, Doku karate kick. I'm not even sure it would include Diaz v Spurs because technically that didn't go down as an overturn in our favour. So that's already us down from +4 to 0 based on this season alone.....& that's before you get into any other of the more "subjective" calls.
I'd get rid of it. I understand the argument that it's not the tech, it's the cunts interpreting the tech. But the problem is shit cunts always get replaced with other shit cunts. I'd rather the ref just got it wrong than some bell whiffs watch it 40 times to decide they've found a microfibre's flange worth of issue. Can't you like, map a bloke's body including offside areas and create an algorithm to auto decide offside or not? I'd have a go at programming that myself. The goal-line stuff works, the offside is 50/50, they should forget it for fouls because that's still the interpretation of the fuckwit in the office.
I've said for a long time... the referee panel in the PL could be like the champions league.

The PL have the money to get rid of clowns like Tierney.

I.e. only UEFA quality refs allowed to ref the games.

They'd be paid a better wage too, and therefore an incentive for everyone to get better.
VAR works extremely well in the CL, but it wont change in the PL until the people that use it are more professional and educated. Its a job, a serious job were errors can prove costly in the millions for clubs. Educate and professionalize. No more mate, Cooty, Stevie or Jimbo when discussing on field reviews.
Sounds infinitely better than the mess we have right now where nobody even knows what's offside anymore tbh

The mess we have right now is down to PGMOL and how they use VAR, and that the PL havent introduced semi automatic offsides yet.
The mess we have right now is down to PGMOL and how they use VAR, and that the PL havent introduced semi automatic offsides yet.

So the solution to all the weird inconclusive cases is to just pass the same process on to the machine and accept the decisions of the almight computer?
Wait, in that photo it's from anywhere on the body. You'd have everyone running around with their arms straight out when breaking. It's stupid enough now everyone puts their arms behind their back.
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