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Thanks VAR the memories....

Even Darwin might be able to stay onside with this change. If we can teach him to shoot, we're laughing.
Dazza, draw the line on that heel yea. Now on the arm. Yea just there. Is there daylight? what do you mean one is higher than the other. What do you mean we aren’t directly side on. Shine a torch. Just say he’s off.

haha yea. Dazza what would you describe the flood lights as? warm white? ok natural white! Guys were looking for pixels which may be illuminated by a natural white light between darwin’s arse and maguires massive head
So the solution to all the weird inconclusive cases is to just pass the same process on to the machine and accept the decisions of the almight computer?

The semi automatic offsides work extremely well in European competitions, and removes most of those horrible lines that we have to watch these cunts in the VAR room set up.
Extract from the Roy Keane trial - it reads like something from that Michael Owen programme where they're analysing VAR's latest fuck-up.

Under cross-examination, the police officer in charge of the case told Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court there may have been contact from Mr Keane, but it “does not look like a deliberate elbow to the face”.

Check complete, Daz.
Micah went there...

"The former England international said “you wouldn’t get sent off” for CCTV footage, shown in court, that Law’s defence team alleged showed Keane elbowing the defendant in the face."
Warner? WTF does he know about Football. The guy was musing the club having games 5 different continents with few hours between games
They’re all mongs at these meetings. Why do you think nothing ever gets done about tv scheduling and fan welfare?
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