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US Open


McIlroy playing some golf so far, will be a good test of his mental strength to see if he can keep it going considering what happened at the masters.
Watching it myself, he's hitting some great shots.

nice to see Garcia back where he belongs too
Rory is just ripping the field apart...

This is some golf, I hope he can keep it together....
He went in the water on the last but other than that he's been brilliant, looking forward to catching a bit more tonight
[quote author=SaintGeorge67 link=topic=45774.msg1351094#msg1351094 date=1308339115]
Anyone know what the biggest lead someone's lost is in a major?


dunno what the biggest overall lead lost is, but apparently the biggest lead at the halfway stage not to go on to win it is 4 shots by some guy back in 1909, so rory's got a cracking chance of making history this weekend.
He's stupidly good from tee to green and if he keeps giving himself birdie putts he'll take enough of them to keep ahead.
Is this streamed? In a remarkable act of cutting off my nose to spite my face I removed Sky on a political mission and as I'm off the booze I don't want to sit up all night in the pub watching it.
[quote author=Krump link=topic=45774.msg1351472#msg1351472 date=1308411463]
The final group don't go out for 5 hours anyways

Nice one. Thought it started a lot earlier.
[quote author=Mr_V link=topic=45774.msg1351625#msg1351625 date=1308439171]
Why is Garrigus using a kiddies putter?

I know. Makes me lol every time he stoops over to putt.
I concede that Rory should win this one now... if he doesn't it'll be a massive monkey on his shoulder for the rest of his life.
What he's done so far is unprecedented, but it'll count for nothing if he doesn't close it out now. There were enough good scores yesterday, with a few people hitting 66's etc to keep Rory on his toes. He needs to go around under par again to ensure he wins.

I think we might be witnessing his ascent to the top of the golfing world that could rival Tiger's. Nobody seems capable of matching his ball striking , the accuracy and distance is unbelievable.
Good start by McIlroy, birdies the first and holes a nervy par putt on the second.
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