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West Ham (A) - PL - 27 April dinner time

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Liverpool in conceding another fucking goal from a set-piece shocker.
After almost conceding another goal by farting around at the back.
Groundhog day.
Fuck me we are shit. Dont know if its any point watching these last 3 games of the season
There is an issue at the other end too though. We are simply not getting enough people in and around the West Ham box. Frequently outnumbered 7 / 8 to 2 / 3 with others lingering outside.
Need a result to secure CL football next season.

West Ham have been awful in recent weeks yet we manage to concede and not score. Awful.
Same issues of all the game. Gakpo does good stuff, the stuff we need him to do, but he does it like 3 times a half. There's no simple ball on for Diaz so we can watch him dribble a bunch for little reason.

The biggest problem is that we keep coughing up possession in buildup play because our movement and passing isn't dynamic enough. Players are either trying hard balls to beat the lines and failing, and it leads to counterattacks and makes the team more tired than it should be.

Our attacking interplay is shit but it's always going to be with these players, we need to grind in their half and we can't even get there half the time.
Not open for further replies.
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