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West Ham (A) - PL - 27 April dinner time

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People talk about the amout of chance nunez misses. What about Gakpo... Just as I write this gakpo gets one 😳
Gravy has been fading after 60 much of this season when starting. He can't play every game. He wasn't "dropped".
Gravy would look even more boss if it didnt look like his limbs arent attached correctly.
Like an IKEA table that has been wrongly assembled.
This is why Diaz isn't good enough.

He's 1 on 1 with Zouma who turns like an oil tanker and the shot he gets off is meh.

If that were Mane, he'd fake a shot on his right, take it back on the left, and fire into the far corner.
Not open for further replies.
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