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Pre Match Arsenal (A) - FA Cup - Sunday 16:30

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I wonder have we stumbled upon the solution to endo being away with the Bradley at right back / Trent alongside Mac at dm.

Pretty sure posters have mentioned this idea in other threads

Gravy - Jones - Elliott

We have to keep Gakpo there because that midfield will be over-run without Szobo+Mo helping out. So no point in changing up the forwards yet unless we bring on Jota for Diaz and move Nunez left to ravage White.
Man both Gravenberch and Nunez had cracking second halves ... but Konate was brilliant all game so MotM to him with Trent 2nd and Diaz 3rd. A big pat on the back for Bradley too, he played extremely well for the time he was on.
He's an excellent DM in his defence. He just needs better players around him
Agreed, I can't hate on him for the sake of it. Rice is top class and I would have loved it if we bought him instead of going for Caicedo
Credit to Klopp. Changes at HT worked, although Arsenal could have been out of sight well before that.

Konate deservedly MOTM, but Gomez deserves a shout out. There was shaky moments but he shutdown Saka numerous times.

Again we looked ropey for much of the match but we just keep winning, and this time without key individuals, so it's time to focus on the positives. Grit, determination, last ditch blocks and tackles, and moments of quality when it mattered.

Gravenberch took time to get going but made a positive impact overall.

Nunez looked better on the left. Diaz dangerous on the right and Jota is just a perfect player to have in the squad.

Bradley did well against Martinelli. Big night for him.

Arsenal and Arteta will be gutted. They really wanted that. Hahaha!
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