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Pre Match Fulham (a) - EFL Semi Second Leg - Weds 20:00

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I think Jones is injured and will miss the game, no chance we'll risk him.
Elliott has started two games in a row and hasn't impressed unfortunately (I'm being nice) but if Jones is injured we have no other option, unless Szobo is back.
Gakpo has to start, I think Jota will sit, he looked completely knackered at the end of the game.
Konate injured his foot, didn't look serious but I wouldn't be surprised if Quansah replaces him.

My line up:

Kelleher (y)

Bradley (y)
Quansah (y)
Van Dijk (y)
Gomez (y)

Macca (y)
Szobo/Harvey (y)
Gravy (y)

Gakkers (y)
Diaz (y)
Nunez (y)

Damn I'm good
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Kelleher. Sound.

Best hope we score a few then as we're sure as shit conceding
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So according to the journo interviewing Klopp this is his 10th SF, with a record of won 8 lost 1

My q to you. Who were the team to beat us?
Oooooh Fulham have caught the plastic flag bug from their betters down the road
Fulham should have scored from that corner. Didn’t even hit target
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