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Sucks to Suck.
You guys are thinking way too big picture at the moment, which is a dangerous pitfall.

We need to beat Hull this weekend.

Balotelli needs to start this game I think. Coutinho looks to be getting more involved which could mean we can pick them apart.

We're going to find some form eventually, it's inevitable. A win here would be a great start.
Lambert plus 10 others.

NB - Not Mignolet, Skrtel, Gerrard or Johnson
Balotelli needs to start? Why? Is there some evidence to suggest he'll do anything different to what he's produced so far? I doubt it.
Sadly I'm watching the rolly past thing at the bottom of the Sky screen and taking great comfort in the fact that Dawson, Jelavic, Harper and some other fucking journeyman I never heard tell of are all doubtful for Hull on Saturday.
Yeah I say fuck it,throw lambert n borini upfront,and at the back maybe throw kolo in!at least he talk and organize things,I'd prefer 3 points sat than tonight anyway!
Borini plus two others in a front three kinda thing. He's the only pacey, hard working striker we have to let us play the pressing game. He's not the best goal scorer in the world, but he is much more mobile and tenacious than the other two put together.
Either that or play the same as the second half today.
Mario needs benching, or a partner, which BR wont do, so bench him.
I don't care who plays, and how we score, a win please. Let's try and just get on a positive role result wise and hopefully Studge really is the 'key' to our team playing well ...
I feel sorry for you as nobody is talking to you. So there you go, I replied. Have a nice holiday.
Enjoy yourself Sheik.

For the game, would like to see Gerrard rested and see how we can get on without him. Lambert should start as well as Lallana.
Anyone who went to the West Brom game can tell you that Lambert is finished. Don't care how uninterested Ballotelli looks, he's still got the option of running if he fancies it
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