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LASK on Thursday

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I love macca's disgust. "You're the left back, give it to a striker."

He used the word left back like a slur.
Totally forgot this was an early kick off, looks like a strong team. Were we shite?
It's a random selection of 11 individuals versus a poor team. No surprises it's been shite.

If it's random it's pretty remarkable that they are almost all playing in their preferred position. I'd have taken random!
They also started getting yellows. We just need to keep little more patience and take the chances. We almost had one through Nunez.
Yep the yellow card accumulation is just a sign that they can't handle our tempo. We need to be more clinical
Still not convinced by Elliot in CM, nor Darwin's touch/dribbling/link up (still feels a mixed bag).

Diaz is no Mane either. Very inefficient today and hasn't been helped by Kostas trying to do too much either.
It’s all right lads - I got this.

Wokenup to watch the 2nd half.

Thank me later.
Well, that was all a bit rubbish, wasn't it... They're all playing like they were out on the piss until about 4am.

Gravenbro looks like he couldn't care less - Very disapointing so far, in his feckin' debut. Ben's looked dangerous a few times down the right, but that's about it.
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