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Pre Match Luton (H) - Wed 19:30

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"Found himself upfront for a bit and looked insanely big, like someone had lashed a kit on a horse and taught it how to run on its back legs." What an image.
What impressed me the most was Robbo winning the ball back.
He's obviously a lot fresher than the others due to that 4 month rest mid season. Hope keeps it up, we're going to need it.

Come to think of it, I really hope we can keep the cup and title run going so the other injured players have the opportunity to give us a similar boost in the final months of the season.
I think that's been a major positive, just how many players have played this season? If Fabio Cavallho's attitude had been possibly better, he may have had a serious run on this side. Wonder if there's any regrets on his side personally from last season.
If we had been in the CL then I doubt even without injuries they would have had a sniff.
Dann looks a unit, glad he can on rather than Kaida.

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