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Match day 38 - Other games

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Part of the Furniture
Sheff U vs Spurs
Luton vs Fulham
Brighton vs Man U
City vs West Ham
Arsenal vs Everton
Brentford vs Newcastle
Palace vs Villa
Burnley vs Forest
Chelsea vs Bournemouth
Villa are such a weird team.

But they did put Arteta and co in their place. So a season well done.
Did double over arteta AND beat pep at home. They should have been out best friends
City's twitter admin trying to be smart with a

"🏆THIS🏆MEANS🏆FOUR 🏆" tweet.

Even in their greatest success, they still need to reference us.




Lolz at MotD showing a pretty sensational goal from Caicedo in best goal before showing the game!
Can we just take the time to laugh at Arsenal ? ---- all that money spent and they still finished in the same place as last season - LOL LOL,

Take us - we lost to city by 1 point in one season (yes we won the CL), and then invested fuck all in the season after and won the league.
Not open for further replies.
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