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NFL Offseason & Draft, 2015-16


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WOW is all I can say ... So many big moves.

* Eagles trade Shady McCoy to the Bills (Give him 5 year contract) for Kiko Alonso (really good young LB).
* Eagles with to replace with Gore (49ers), who does a u-turn and signs for the Colts (best RB they've had since Edge)
* Eagles trade Foles to the Rams for Bradford, who's ended the last two seasons with ACL tears.
* Eagles best WR - Maclin - signs for KC

Sheesh ... Not sure what Chip Kelly is doing in his first offseason as 'the man' but that doesn't look good.

Other notable moves:
* Suh signs for Miami (6 years)
* Thomas (Denver TE, not WR who's franchised) signs for Jags
* 'Aints trade Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks for Max Unger (top of the line center)
* Lions get Ngata from Ravens in a trade
* Dez - Franchised by boys. DeMarco is pissed - deleted all the Cowboys stuff from his Twitter, but agent now talking about deal
* Justin Houston - (20 sack KC LB) franchised.
Suh against the Pats twice a year could get funny.
Will the Eagles draft Mariota now?
It's all so strange.
I don't know how they get up that high to do it without RGIIIing themselves ... Chip is either a genius, or unemployed come next year
Patrick Willis retires (49ers)
Torrey Smith (Baltimore) signs for the 49ers ... which probably means Crabtree is gone.
Jets trade for Brandon Marshall, cut Percy Harvin. Sign Revis too ...

Broncos replace Julian Thomas with Owen Daniels.
Shirley it's Peterson to Dallas so.

that's what all the braindead Cowboys fans are saying - He'd be great here but it won't happen. Minnesota are building something good offensively, and they'll keep him.

We'll either sign Spiller or the like, and draft one of the 10 really good RBs available in the draft.

Murray said he's going to the Eagles to 'win a Super Bowl' ... It's a really odd position considering what's happened this offseason but maybe Chip is a genius ... He's hoping he's not.
It's hard to keep up.

It looked like Kelly had decided, like the smart teams, that Rbs have short shelf lives and can be plucked from the draft/ scrapheap cheaply. Which makes sense given his offence, which most Rbs could do okay in.

So to sign Murray, after attempting to sign Gore, and to sign Matthews just looks odd. it has a Kirkland westerveld look to it
We signed McFadden to an incentive based contract (2 years). Interesting to see how he does as he LOOKS to have lost that burst he once had.

Signed Greg Hardy (yup, that one) to a 1 year 11 mill contract, where he basically only gets paid if he plays (bar 200k signing bonus). He's the player we need but as a person - he's an absolute cunt (domestic abuse which was dropped as the witness never showed up ... i.e. paid off)
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