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Premier League : Week 4 (11th Sept thru 13th Sept.)

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Hacking out Richarlison from behind in the opening minute...don't mind that at all

What a ball by Mcneil, on a plate for Wood who ducks out the way??
These 2 teams are fucking dogshit,

Btw did anyone tell Everton fans that fans were allowed back into Stadiums?
Aaaaaaaand Rat boy's just said CR7 is the best player that's ever lived.

You know, he's won the championship in three major European leagues. Sure, he played for three dominant teams, but still.
He's won like 5 European cups.
He's won the Euro's.
And he's been very instrumental in those wins.
It goes without saying that he's one of the greatest players ever.

I mean it's not that crazy to call him the greatest, but in my opinion it's still Maradona. Neither Messi nor Ronaldo has done we what he has.
He lead Napoli to two league titles, that's basically like Messi joining Aston Villa and making them champions.
Then add his outstanding performance in the 1986 world cup.
He's the most naturally gifted player I've ever seen.
It depends what your criteria is. I can't comment on Maradona really, before my time.

Messi, though, is streets ahead of Ronaldo - and that's not to discredit Ronaldo. Ronaldo is obviously a freak, but in terms of natural, technical ability, Messi is an absolute alien. Then, you can start talking about individual ability. Players like Zidane and original Ronaldo were probably better natural footballers than Cronaldo, but you can't argue with the latter's record, even though I'm loathe to put him above those two. He's not better than Messi, though.
Hasn't Rafa historically had trouble beating teams like Burnley?
Stoke, Bolton etc.
Ronaldo worked like a fucking dog to get where he is. Messi is naturally gifted.

It's a regular nature/nurture ting
17/18 season
Newcastle 2-1 Stoke
Stoke 0-1 Newcastle

Burnley 1-0 Newcastle
Newcastle 1-1 Burnley

18/19 season
Burnley 1-2 Newcastle
Newcastle 2-0 Burnley

19/20 season
Burney 1-0 Newcastle.

Pretty hit and miss with Newcastle but more positive results than not.

Burnley deserve their lead.

Great cross Gudmundsson, had goal written all over it.
Did you guys know that Aaron Lennon is still playing in the premier league?
I thought he quit or something.
Games turned completely on it's head.

Wow what a goal that is...Doucoure pass spectacular and Gray bursts through and slots home....fair play.
Kind of a "in your face" moment consider that you laughed at them
Laughing at Burnley too so wonder if they'll have the last laugh as well?

Hope they go down the fucking wankstain pieces of hard shit.
Laughing at Burnley too so wonder if they'll have the last laugh as well?

Hope they go down the fucking wankstain pieces of hard shit.
I'm with you there. I've wanted Burnley relegated for years with their shite football.
Everton are going to be a pain in the arse this season.
No they won't be because it's still the same old shit Everton.

They were getting outplayed for the best part of an hour at home against Burnley before they decided to throw the game.
Behave - that’s still a first team thats won the Premier League, Champions League, Super Cup and World Club Cup - something no other current squad has achieved.

It’s not that long ago and our first team is good enough to do it again.
No we don’t.
Hasn't Rafa historically had trouble beating teams like Burnley?
Stoke, Bolton etc.

Only when handicapped by shit owners. When Rafa became Everton manager - I was happy for him, because under him I know that two things will happen:

1) it will never be a dead certainty for the likes of United, City, Chelsea to win against Everton, because Rafa is managing them and he has enough talent and know how to beat those opposing managers and the talent they have.

2) it maybe a more civilized affair at the next Merseyside derby - as Rafa is unlikely to tell his players "go injure all their best players and be cunts" - no he will try and calm then down and make the cunts think. So there is less chance of any of our players getting injured ( I hope).

Now the harsh truth is - that he has enough talent under him to actually be the man that could take them to a top 4 finish. You may laugh but I never thought he was yesterday's man. His understanding of football and tactics is still very much in fashion.
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