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Pre Match Bournemouth (A) - Sun 21st 16:30

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Your typical Liverpool first half performance, nothing we didn't already know.

Only positive is the clean sheet and the fact we haven't really let Bournemouth have any real chance.
Shat myself then when ref whistled for ht. Thought it was for a pen!
I really want to say sub Nunez cause right now he's basically ruining every attack he's involved in but when you least expect it that Donkey can create something from nothing.

I don't think he's been any worse than anyone else. Jota has the most quality but doesn't get on the ball enough. Diaz gets the ball but largely holds it and the better play down that side is from Bradley and Elliot.

We haven't been playing very good attacking football for most of the season and we've removed a few too many pieces of the puzzle recently.

Look at Diaz and Nunez on each others toes there, that isn't a matter of their quality, it's a matter of no real understanding. There wasn't any great understanding before and now they've switched positions and there is less.
I know the conditions are ridiculously windy but in that case we need to start playing the odds instead of going for low probability passes.
Still can't get over that foul on Diaz. How is that not worse than Jones' red. It's not even a yellow!
I genuinely think we set out to go half heartedly first half to see what the opponent can throw at us, let them use up their energy and then come out 2nd half a different team.

In that case I put it down to exceptional tactics.
Almost concede immediately. Let's just fucking keep awake please
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