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Pre Match Luton (H) - Wed 19:30

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Robertson joins Trent for most assists in CL history right?

By the by, how fucking good is Endo. Arguably my fav player now.
Endo was brilliant, but we still need to convince Froggy he had a good game because there was that 1 time he gave a foul away which overshadowed his whole performance.
Froggy!!!!!! How good was Endo today buddy? Was he a solid 5 for you today or does he creep into a 6?
Macca took the corner Virgil scored from. So assists on the first 2 goals, absolutely crucial. Would be my MOTM.

I don’t think anyone played particularly badly - the shooting and some of the forward passing/decision making wasn’t great but we scored 4 and their Keeper probably isn’t a bad shout for MotM as on top of our poor finishing he made a couple of cracking saves.

Imagine at least Mo & Darwin are back for the LC Final, so the forward line should be sharper.
Personally I think the midfield trio did nothing wrong today and probably were our best players.
I love seeing Macca play further forward, especially how he's able to win back the ball so high up the pitch. Very intelligent player and seems to play the right pass all the time. Gravy found a lot of space today and I enjoyed his galloping runs forward. One of these days he's going to get the right connection on the ball and absolutely fire one into the back of net.
Finally Endo, what a tenacious little machine. I almost wish we found him 7-8 years ago.

A lot of players deserve props for the performance especially in the second half, but I believe our midfielders were the most consistent throughout.
I could have strangled Elliott at HT... but he was superb in the 2nd half. Ditto Gakpo (OK not that bad in the first half).

Macca MotM (I thought he did just fine in the first whilst some here were lambasting him - I still can't work that out)!

Fine games from VvD, Bradders and yes Endo too.
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