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Manager merry-go-round

Reports suggested Potter spent too long thinking about it, so Leicester appointed Cooper.

Potter got £13M for getting sacked from Chelsea so he's clearly in no rush.
I’d suggest Cooper is the better appointment anyway. Forest vs Leicester will be fun!
United just announced that they have triggered the additional year on Ten Haag's contract so he is now signed up for two years.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Looks like whoever they wanted to replace him with wasn't available this summer so they are waiting a year
You've got to laugh:

Dan Ashworth: “With two trophies in the past two seasons, Erik ten Hag has reinforced his record as one of the most consistently successful coaches in European football”.“We decided that Erik was the best partner for us to work with in driving up standards and outcomes”.
Wise choice. Dan Ashworth sounds like a bloke whom just woke up from a long holiday and just going with it.
What happened to Edwards? any sound bits since he joined? Does he really exist?
I saw a nice tweet earlier about how they are sacking a load of staff and that money will go back into the first team. Tory, Tory, Man United.

I'll put the actual tweet here if I see it again, but loved the Tory, Tory line.
I suspect you mean Ed Woodward. Martin Edwards was the famous Loo Peeper
No I meant this bloke we re-hired, the much touted saviour of sustainability and future of LFC.

Ashworth has at least been "gardening leave"...
Van Nistelrooj will be in charge before boxing day
So the Ten Haag is having at least one of his assistants shot and having two ex-Managers, one a United legend, forced on him. Has all the hallmarks of the Roy/Gerrard co-manager thing.

Dutch Steve and Darren Fletcher may also be getting the boot, which I have to say this is not good news for the longer term
Ahh! Nope, not a dickybird
When he was here the first time he was known for never being visible or saying anything - I think the only thing that actually came out from him was his farewell letter. So why are people anxiously looking for Edwards updates, as if all that would change?
Wouldn’t say anxious, just strange it’s so quiet in contrast to the visible excitement back in March on his appointment. It’s not strange to expect a little more news and intent with season a month away and especially after seeing a constant talisman such as Klopp leaving after nearly decade.
I'm expecting us to land whatever and whoever our 'major' targets are by the first few days of August. Only the will I get a touch angsty
Yeah, was thinking about this group venture thing. We tried to sell ourself for the whole of year before without much success and felt like it dod have impact on our transfer plans while we did. I just hope it doesn’t this summer and it’s a mutually exclusive strategy.
Let’s see in Aug where we are.
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