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Pre Match Arsenal (A) - FA Cup - Sunday 16:30

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Klopp on Konate: “I stood with him yesterday and said ‘look to your left and right, who should lead that back line’, he said ‘me!’.”

He led the whole team.
Focusing minds after the goal.
Went to hug one of the young lads who came on as sub when they blocked an attack and gave them confidence.

I love the sliding on one knee challenge
Very promising play with that formation at the end.

We were so second best for almost all of that game. Hilarious. I loved that rice had the best view on the pitch of every single part of our second. Chasing the ball around like a dog.

Conor Bradley had a lovely little cameo. There's a spot in this weird side from time to time if you can keep that level.
Why is he so orange - everytime I see him I am fascinated by his face, @Frogfish - you are a well travelled man - where do these orange men come from ?
It is well known that people addicted to suntan creams turn orange. The USA has one infamous addict who sets a perfect example of what can be achieved with dedication and time.
Yeah even the Swedish commentators mentioned that Odegaard had been doing that all game and escaped a yellow.
I’m not even that arsed they weren’t booked for that, found it funny enough they let themselves becomes so easily annoyed, the worst calls were not to book White for a blatant foul and the one against Diaz where both guys went shoulder to shoulder….those 2 bothered me.
I said in the match thread, that either their players are pathetically weak, or artetas got them flopping.

Either way, it's Damning
It will probably be Man City away although they don't do tough draws
Was about to post about that. The yellow card for dissent rule isn't working at all. Mostly because these refs are so insanely inconsistent and always seem to favor the home team and seem scared to upset the home fans.
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