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Fulham (A) - PL - 21 April 2024

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👨‍🦳 i remember liverpool scoring goals from open play, of course i was a much younger man back then with hopes and dreams…
Gakpo playing alright again. Jota has been pants as has Harvey with Robbo the worst of the lot.

So, Gomez for Robbo at HT.
Gravy can't switch sides he's terrible on the right so that leaves no option but to bring on both Szobo and Macca.
Let’s revert back to form and win it in the last few minutes.

If a few on here die of heart attacks then so be it.
We are vulnerable down our left as always, and the midfield is positionally pretty questionable at various times. Fulham haven't been good enough to find the pass, but the overloads are obvious.

On the ball we looked better, but so would virtually anything after that last display. We had a good period of dominance but even during that lost the ball too easily.

We have a good bench. Hopefully they do it.
Too slow with passes from the back, Trent has been in space at times, but Endo and Quansah are just dithering everytime.
No complains about Fulham's goal, But I believe that Gakpo needs to come off for Nunez..
When the ball gots to Gakpo he always tries to turn and beats three or four plays when a simple first pass ball with do, he too often holds on to the ball too long looking for a shooting opportunity, when he can pass, which also slows the passage of play...
By bring on Nunez he would run at the back four, which in turn would allow Jota, who like to come into the box late to do just that....
Gakpo of Nunez... But I am betting Klopp will look to bring on Salah, and if so I don't think that we will win this
Not open for further replies.
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